This weekend we did a whole lot of nothing!  After all of the traveling and weekends apart we were both looking forward to a weekend of napping, movie watching, and cuddling the pup…which is exactly what we did!

Saturday Rondo and I went to a new park by the river…check it out…

You could walk right into the river if you wanted!  Naturally, Rondo gave this his best effort.

Jay and I went on a date to Sea that night and ordered enough for 6 people.  The food was incredible and we had a tasty lunch the next day with all those leftovers.

(my attempt at a braid across my hair for dinner)

Then, like I said, lots and lots of napping, movies, snuggling, and an annoying amount of pictures with the pup…

On Sunday Rondo got to play with his new best friend Frank (which means I got to play with Frank’s mama Chelsea! yay!) Here are the two little guys together:

So cute and afterwards soooo tired and a little sulky because his friend left…

Now it’s back to another work week at Rolling Stone… I miss the weekend!


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