Subway Stranger

This morning I was running a little bit late to work (shock!).  When I got up the steps to catch my train there was a long line and of course, my train was pulling up and I was going to miss it…but then, the guy 4 people in front of me goes “are you all this train, here go ahead, I get the J” and let us go ahead of him so we could make the train.  I just made it!  I don’t know who this subway stranger was but he made my day.  Thank you for restoring my faith in NYC stranger!

Last night we had a great time at Dr. Dog and Delta Spirit.  Central Park is maybe my favorite place to see shows at this point…

Our delicious dinner at John’s…

And of course a pic of the babe yesterday…I mean, could he be more adorable?!

Have a wonderful weekend!!


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