Yesterday was a fun one!  Rondo went to his first puppy play group (it sounds silly…we know…he’s a dog). He had a great time running around and tricking the other puppies into chasing him (his favorite game is getting chased around the apartment).  Then we had a good friends’ birthday party at Sweetwater in our neighborhood.  They make most amazing watermelon cocktails.  Here we are last night:

The weather has been beautiful in NY the past couple days, so I took advantage and explored a new part of the city on my lunch break.  Look at these beautiful houses…I want one!

Here are some other things from yesterday…Rondo chewing the paper towel roll (his obsession), my favorite new dress (my obsession), and the finally perfected sock bun! Have a great long weekend everyone.


Flowers in Brooklyn

Below are some pictures from yesterday and this morning.  Rondo and I took a new route in our neighborhood and found the prettiest flowers growing on a fence (it’s the little things), and some graffiti too.  Rondo lost a big puppy tooth which Jay found in the closet…I assume we will find a chewed shoe in there soon. I attempted to do a sock bun which…err…see attempt 1 and 2 below (and my silly faces…sorry!).  Yesterday the Backstreet Boys came to work, yes, I acted like a 12 year old.  And my cupcake habit is yet to slow down, it’s not ok.  That’s all for now!



These past couple weeks have been wild for us. We were in Maine for a wedding, I went to Nashville, Jay went to Vegas, Rondo had his first swim, and we have been running around NYC working, going to shows (we saw Once finally!), PS1, and taking care of Rondo after his surgery.  The summer is always a lot of fun, but there is no rest…none.  Here are some pictures from what we’ve been up to the last couple weeks!


Let me formally introduce you to Rondo.  Our little monster menace and cutest boy in the world.  We are totally in love with him…even when he brings the toilet paper all the way into the living room, bites out his stitches, steals our dinner, and bites our ankles (maybe not the last one)!

The beginning…

Here is the beginning of a little blog about my life with puppy Rondo and lovely boyfriend Jay.  Hopefully this blog will grow along with us as we start our lives together and get excited for everything to come…