The last two weeks

Over the last 10 days I was in NYC and NJ visiting friends, family, and work.  It was such a great trip being able to not only see my friends before Christmas, but getting to my Mom’s concert, and enjoying the city at Christmas time (complete with snow!).  I miss New York so much, but there is nothing like coming back home to Jay and Rondo.

To everyone I got to see last week, I love you all so much and miss you constantly.  How lucky am I to have you all in my life?!




If we thought life was going to calm down moving out of the city, boy were we wrong.  We have been running around seeing friends, getting our house together, planning the wedding (we have a date!), Jay started his new job, we went to Maine and Newport, we’ve been hiking, we have had visitors (and have more this weekend), and we’re getting in the swing of things up here.  Overall, it has been a really great transition and we are loving it up here (plus, I can go to the grocery store and buy more than 5 things at at time…say what!?)

Here are too many pictures from life lately. I have to get better at updating this!


IMG_0681 IMG_0674 IMG_0673
(blue hills hike.  rondo was tired at the top)

IMG_0738 IMG_0737
(a little wedding venue preview!)

IMG_0639 IMG_0785 IMG_0909
(double rainbow all the way, illumination night fun, and a crazy squash from the local farm)

(my ❤ in newport)


IMG_0846 IMG_0845
(vineyard visit outside of newport)

IMG_0873 IMG_0867 IMG_0871
(beach day with julie, doug, & family in newport)

(cliff walk!)

IMG_0869 IMG_0874 IMG_0895
(ohhhh yea)




New York I Love You


I can’t believe that tomorrow night I will get on a train, leave my job, family, the city, and go start our new life in Mass.  I’m beyond excited and wildly nervous all at the same time.  So many huge changes are ahead of us…

The past couple weeks I have been trying to appreciate New York as much as I possibly can.  Walking to work instead of taking the subway, looking up at buildings, and pretending to be a tourist everywhere I go. New York, thank you for everything you have given me…my first real job, where, hey, I ended up meeting my future husband, my first apartment, meeting some of my best friends, the crazy weekends and weeknights out way too late…if I named everything I love we would be here for a month.  NY, I will miss you, but it’s time to go…


IMG_2775 IMG_2773 IMG_2771


IMG_2709 IMG_2340 IMG_0124

IMG_4341 IMG_4370 IMG_6895


xo always and forever ny – j





Bubbly in the bathroom?

IMG_4314Last night Erin and I had a really fun dinner with clients at Beauty & Essex.  The food was delicious (we tried bone marrow!), the drinks were festive, and best part is they have champagne in the bathroom!  A little weird but really cool! Here are some pics from last night…

(my new burgundy tights!)




I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!



First Snow

A hurricane last week and snow this week…NYC is having it’s share of weather mania!  Above is the view from our living room window yesterday afternoon…I still can’t believe there is snow on the ground!

Rondo went for his first walk in the snow yesterday and, well, he wasn’t crazy about it…

He cracks me up in his hoodie.  Here are some other pictures of the snow in Brooklyn…

At least the snow makes me feel better about listening to Christmas music already!


The past week has been difficult in the city.  With the horrible devastation from the hurricane, lack of power, transportation, and flooding it has been a different kind of week for sure.  Jay and I were so fortunate throughout the storm, with our only real issue being able to get to work (2 1/2 hour bus ride when it’s normally 20 minutes).  I can’t stop thinking about all the families and hope that we can help somehow.  Here are some pictures of our neighborhood and us at home from the days that followed…

(the NYC skyline with power out from our rooftop)

(working from home, rondo watching his first celtics game, crazy bus lines)

(rondo begging for my food, our park totally flooded, homemade ziti)

(comfy boy napping through the wind)

Before the hurricane was Halloween which was a great time!  We got all dressed up and went to our friends party.  Here are some pics from the night (Jay was Abu Nazir from Homeland and I was Khaleesi from Game of Thrones)…

This weekend after the storm and Halloween, I went to North Carolina to spend the weekend at ECU with my best friends!  We went to a football game, saw all our old haunts, ate a crazy amount of Bojangles, and were really excited to all be back together.  Here are some pics from the weekend…

(beautiful campus, beautiful friends)

(football time…and we actually won!)

Unfortunately now it’s back to reality…but I’m still so thankful for how lucky we were during the storm and hope the recovery is swift.

xo – j

Fall in the City / Recipe

Fall in nyc isn’t quite the same as driving through the town I grew up in with changing leaves on every corner…but there is a little bit of color here which makes me happy.  I’ll take what I can get!  Plus, not being home means I don’t have to rake leaves…Dad knows how happy this makes me.

Last night I made some Halloween Bark for a party we are going to Saturday.  It came out pretty perfect…it was also crazy easy!  You can find the recipe here.  Here is the cooled bark:

And the final all bagged:

Jay and I are both excited to dress up this weekend and enjoy the party!

I’m pretty sure my family has already seen this picture but I love it so much I thought I would share…

Look at the anger!  I put the leash on him and then went to brush my teeth.  He was NOT having it…cracks me up.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


Last night I went to the new Barclays Center for a preseason Celtics/Nets game with my friend Tyler!  The stadium is pretty awesome…comfy seats, all with great views of the court, not just hot dogs and popcorn for food, and a photo booth…

…who doesn’t love a photo booth?!

We were surrounded by Celtics fans too…who would have thought?  Then we came back and hung out with Rondo (the stadium should allow dogs there that are named after the players)!  I think he met his new best friend…


A Wedding!

This weekend we were in Chesapeake City to see one of my closest friends in the world get married.  They were calling for rain but we got lovely sunshine! She looked absolutely perfect!  There couldn’t have been a more wonderful day to see her marry her best friend.

It’s hard when you’re in the wedding to take pictures, but as soon as the professional ones come in, I’ll be sure to post them.  Here are some of the ones I have…

I can’t wait to share more pictures of the beautiful venue, flowers, friends, and family who were at the wedding.  Getting to spend time surrounded by all your best friends, have a professional do your hair and makeup, and seeing a happy couple take this big step is a pretty good weekend in my book!

Rondo spent the weekend with parents at home loving life.  He got to go on long walks, get totally completely spoiled by my Mom, snuggle in a big house, and enjoy the grass.  Thank you again M&D for taking him, and more importantly, taking care of Jay and I on Sunday when we were a little worse for wear…what would I do without you two?

Last night Jay and I went to see Frightened Rabbit (one of my favs) at Bowery Ballroom.  We were both pretty tired, but made sure to get our act together for this show.  Two encores!  It was totally worth feeling a little groggy this morning.  Plus, we only drank water last night which definitely helped!