Come Sunday…

Come Sunday…

Jay and I will be getting married in 6 months!  I can’t believe it!  We’ve also been together 4 years, which is crazy.  In the past 4 years we went from living a block away, to moving into our own (tiny) apartment (again, so tiny), we got a puppy, we got engaged (!), we bought a house, and now we are just half a year from being married.  So many things have changed, and with each step, everything has gotten better.  I can’t wait to see where we are in 5 years, and 10, and 20…

(just a few weeks after we started dating – our first new years eve together ringing in 2010)

Next week I will be in NYC working, visiting friends and family, and enjoying the season in the busiest/scariest/wildest place on earth to be at Christmas time.  I’m really looking forward to being there, though I will miss my boys :(.  Poor Ron is so used to having me home all day!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!



double birthday boys

(look how tiny he was)

Saturday was Jay’s birthday!  We had a great time getting together with friends at Crown Vic, and celebrating not only his birthday but our engagement!  I had so much fun I forgot to take many pictures…oops.

And the second birthday boy is Rondo!  I can’t believe our little Rondo monster is 1! Love these boys so much ❤

IMG_1225 IMG_1061 IMG_1154

Here are some pics of Jay’s birthday…only a few like I said.  If anyone took any, send them my way!

IMG_7007 IMG_7004 IMG_7005
(trick candles, he was not pleased. thank you adie!)


I hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend!







This weekend we did a whole lot of nothing!  After all of the traveling and weekends apart we were both looking forward to a weekend of napping, movie watching, and cuddling the pup…which is exactly what we did!

Saturday Rondo and I went to a new park by the river…check it out…

You could walk right into the river if you wanted!  Naturally, Rondo gave this his best effort.

Jay and I went on a date to Sea that night and ordered enough for 6 people.  The food was incredible and we had a tasty lunch the next day with all those leftovers.

(my attempt at a braid across my hair for dinner)

Then, like I said, lots and lots of napping, movies, snuggling, and an annoying amount of pictures with the pup…

On Sunday Rondo got to play with his new best friend Frank (which means I got to play with Frank’s mama Chelsea! yay!) Here are the two little guys together:

So cute and afterwards soooo tired and a little sulky because his friend left…

Now it’s back to another work week at Rolling Stone… I miss the weekend!

Is Summer Really Over?

This weekend was wonderful!  Rondo and I went home to my parents house and got to relax, go on long walks, run all over the park, take naps, and enjoy driving around in the car (his new favorite).  Sunday the whole family went to the beach for a delicious brunch and to enjoy the last moments of summer before school starts again for Mom and summer Friday’s end for me.

Rondo was EXHAUSTED after all of the long walks, running, and playing outside he did this weekend.  He is so cute (especially when he is sleeping).  But when we got home on Monday and he saw Jay, he forgot about all the fun we had together and only wanted to cuddle his Papa.

In other news, my plants at home survived the weekend alone which made me really happy.  My herb garden is even starting to grow!

It’s hard to be back at work today, to leave Jay and the pup when all we want to do is snuggle at home.  At least I have homemade blueberry cake for breakfast and some yummy pumpkin cider waiting at home (fall is coming!).

Flowers in Brooklyn

Below are some pictures from yesterday and this morning.  Rondo and I took a new route in our neighborhood and found the prettiest flowers growing on a fence (it’s the little things), and some graffiti too.  Rondo lost a big puppy tooth which Jay found in the closet…I assume we will find a chewed shoe in there soon. I attempted to do a sock bun which…err…see attempt 1 and 2 below (and my silly faces…sorry!).  Yesterday the Backstreet Boys came to work, yes, I acted like a 12 year old.  And my cupcake habit is yet to slow down, it’s not ok.  That’s all for now!



These past couple weeks have been wild for us. We were in Maine for a wedding, I went to Nashville, Jay went to Vegas, Rondo had his first swim, and we have been running around NYC working, going to shows (we saw Once finally!), PS1, and taking care of Rondo after his surgery.  The summer is always a lot of fun, but there is no rest…none.  Here are some pictures from what we’ve been up to the last couple weeks!

The beginning…

Here is the beginning of a little blog about my life with puppy Rondo and lovely boyfriend Jay.  Hopefully this blog will grow along with us as we start our lives together and get excited for everything to come…