United Nations

With all the hustle and bustle over the visitors to the UN (Obama, Agmadinejad), and road closures due to it, midtown has been a little crazy the past couple days.  My friend Erin and I decided to walk over to the UN at lunch and watch the important people walk by!  We ended up finding a raised park that overlooked the UN and stayed there enjoying the view instead of our normal lunch stroll…

And like the grownups we are, watching the important officials walk by…we had ring pops…

This is why we work for magazines and not the State Department.

Yesterday was also Rondo’s first day at puppy day care.  It may be the best thing that has happened to Jay and I in months.  We got home last night, he ate dinner, waited for Jay at the door, and then he was OUT for the rest of the night.  Yes!!

This morning though, he was back to his hyper self.  I got out of the shower to this scene…lovely boy.

At least he is using those long legs for something!



This weekend we did a whole lot of nothing!  After all of the traveling and weekends apart we were both looking forward to a weekend of napping, movie watching, and cuddling the pup…which is exactly what we did!

Saturday Rondo and I went to a new park by the river…check it out…

You could walk right into the river if you wanted!  Naturally, Rondo gave this his best effort.

Jay and I went on a date to Sea that night and ordered enough for 6 people.  The food was incredible and we had a tasty lunch the next day with all those leftovers.

(my attempt at a braid across my hair for dinner)

Then, like I said, lots and lots of napping, movies, snuggling, and an annoying amount of pictures with the pup…

On Sunday Rondo got to play with his new best friend Frank (which means I got to play with Frank’s mama Chelsea! yay!) Here are the two little guys together:

So cute and afterwards soooo tired and a little sulky because his friend left…

Now it’s back to another work week at Rolling Stone… I miss the weekend!

New do!

I can’t believe the weekend is over…it went way too quickly.  Friday Rondo and I went to visit M&D in NJ for the night.  Mom and I had tasty breakfast went on a hike with Rondo, did some shopping, got to Trader Joe’s (yay!), and dyed my hair.  Rondo loves being in the grass so much, I feel bad bringing him back to the city.

I came home Saturday for a good friend’s birthday, and had a lazy Sunday before Jay got back from Cape Cod.  I baked cookies, made chicken & rice dinner in the crock pot, watched Bachelorette, and took a long walk around the neighborhood with the little guy.

My favorite is the one of Rondo on the porch.  While I was putting away clothes he decided to take the bathroom mat onto the balcony for more comfortable sunbathing…that is how I found him.  Too funny.

And here is the new hair…I love it!

Dinner for me?

Last night after work, I took Rondo on a long walk up to McCarren Park to run around with the other dogs.  He loves it, the sniffing, chasing, running in circles…and I love it because when we come home he is beyond tired.  The best part about it is I came home and Jay was making dinner and got me Fall cider (go get it, it’s yummy).  






This morning I tried to get Rondo to give me a kiss in a picture…this is the result…

And then I was bored waiting for Jay to be ready to leave and this happened…

I have a lot of time in the morning since little man has us up at 6:30….clearly.

Rainy Day…

It’s a crummy day in New York.  It’s dark, pouring down rain, steamy, and the whole city is mourning the summer (doesn’t make for a pleasant commute let me tell you).  And when you are trying to leave for work and this little guy has decided to take a morning nap on you…it’s nearly impossible to leave.

This rainy day has me reflecting on the fantastic summer we just had… We moved into an apartment together, adopted about the best puppy in the world, traveled to weddings, parties, showers, visited friends and family all over, and even managed to enjoy our neighborhood a bit.  For all the times I can be grumpy or upset, looking back at these pictures from the summer makes me realize how fortunate I am to have my family, Jay, Rondo, and amazing friends.  Here’s to next summer being as great as summer 2012 and to pumpkin flavored everything starting now that it’s fall!  Below are a bunch of my favorites from this summer…


Just a quick look at yesterday.  Had a an amazing lobster roll at The Smith, then little brother came and got Rondo and I from Brooklyn, and we have been relaxing at my parents ever since (Rondo is loving all this grass!).

Have a wonderful long weekend everyone!