As usual, another busy week here in NYC.  Monday Jay and I went to see The Master. It was fantastic! I had a quick dinner alone at Grey Dog before meeting him and had the best chicken sandwich in existence.  See proof below…

Tuesday Jay cooked dinner (thank you thank you Jay) and he let me watch The Vow.  Best. Night. Ever.  (ha).  Here’s Rondo on Tuesday after stealing my hair tie.  Guilty much?

Wednesday for my friend’s birthday we went to the San Gennaro Festival in Little Italy at lunch.  We both had massive sausage sandwiches (regretted that later) and walked around checking out all the vendors…

Then happy hour with friends last night, which turned into way later night than expected and a nice headache this morning.  Whoops.  Oh yea, and more guilt from this guy…

Tonight Jay and I are seeing Delta Spirit and Dr.Dog in Central Park.  Like I said earlier, busy week!


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