Friday I had a procedure done to help with my breathing, or lack of breathing!  Over the past couple months I haven’t been able to breathe well causing quite a lot of trouble for me physically and emotionally (I get so scared I won’t get air in!).  Hopefully now that the surgery is over, and once I have recovered, I will be good as new and breathing like a functioning human being again.

IMG_5302Thank God my Mom was here on Friday to help me!  I was a mess!  Bloody nose on the subway, felt like I had been punched 29058035 times in the face, and a bit out of it.  I couldn’t be more thankful to have had her with me, I’m a lucky kid…

IMG_5321(lookin fly in my hospital gown…yea…)

After the surgery Mom and I had lunch together at Forcella…it was just the medicine I needed.

IMG_5320  IMG_5319 IMG_5318
(proscuitto, arugula, parm, and mozz pizza…holy cow…and cute mama with her spin pizza!)

Since I couldn’t really go out this weekend, or drink, or stay out late, we had a lazy one.  We saw Zero Dark Thirty, ate a ton of delivery, and cuddled the boy…

IMG_5382  IMG_5365  IMG_5383
(hanging with my boys, and the absurd amount of snacks i ate saturday night)

IMG_5385(nail color from santa)

IMG_5404(my crazy long hair…idk what to do with it)

IMG_5373(mural of paradise in my neighborhood…less than 3 weeks till we are here)

Now all I can do is hope I start to feel a big difference in my breathing and I’m good to go!




Subway Stranger

This morning I was running a little bit late to work (shock!).  When I got up the steps to catch my train there was a long line and of course, my train was pulling up and I was going to miss it…but then, the guy 4 people in front of me goes “are you all this train, here go ahead, I get the J” and let us go ahead of him so we could make the train.  I just made it!  I don’t know who this subway stranger was but he made my day.  Thank you for restoring my faith in NYC stranger!

Last night we had a great time at Dr. Dog and Delta Spirit.  Central Park is maybe my favorite place to see shows at this point…

Our delicious dinner at John’s…

And of course a pic of the babe yesterday…I mean, could he be more adorable?!

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Officially NY

Well, it’s official, I am a resident of NY.  Goodbye NJ license (hopefully not forever).  Even though I have been here for years now (don’t tell NY please), I just now got around to switching over since it’s about to be voting time.

This made me think of all the great, and horrible, times driving in NJ…amazing summers with friends, rides to the beach, great adventure, cruising around town, taking my dog everywhere with me…and of course the bad experiences driving which I will not mention…they were bad…real bad.

Either way, I am now part of NY for good.  And though it can make me feel a little…

I have a wonderful life in NYC (graffiti by my apt).

For example, last night we saw Yeasayer (one of my favs) in Central Park…








Today I had the most amazing pizza ever…

And of course, most importantly, I come home to these guys which makes NYC actually feel like home…