that escalated quickly…

Last night we went to dinner with friends to Patrizia‘s and man oh man, did we eat, and drink…so much…got a little wild fast.  We did family style and they just kept on bringing food…we had at least 8 appetizers, chicken parm, steak, pasta, salad, and then a huge dessert plate.  Oh yea, and the wine was included…

(btw, those are magnum bottles)


IMG_6317IMG_6322  IMG_6316
(dinner cuties)


IMG_6319 IMG_6321
(the white is mozzarella stuffed with ricotta imported from italy…oh. my. god)

This morning we are licking our wounds, but it was worth it.  If you are ever in the area, go to Patrizia’s, it’s amazing.

(jaybub, thanks for loving me even when i yell and tell gross stories in public. love you)



Party Time / Day Off

IMG_5550(view from walk with rondo saturday night)

This weekend was a blast, and fortunately for me, it is still going on as I have the day off (sorry if you’re ready this at work Jay)!

Friday night I had dinner with Lauren at Ed’s, and stuffed my face with unbelievable food…

IMG_5520 IMG_5525
(lobster roll and fried oyster & bacon sliders…ahh!)

IMG_5521 IMG_5524
(blueberry creme brulee and yummy crackers)

Saturday we hung around and enjoyed the (slightly) warmer weather before going to Adie’s birthday party!

IMG_5567 IMG_5566

(some pics from my walk with rondo…love that last one)

Then it was party time…


IMG_5580 IMG_5579
(a little too much fun out)

Now it’s time to watch the President and go to Trader Joes…exciting day off eh? Hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend too!



Back to Business

IMG_5103I can’t believe vacation is already over and it is 2013!  Christmas and New Years Eve were both wonderful…couldn’t have been better (with the exception of a trip to the dr on christmas day)!  Here are some pictures of friends visiting, family, and the great time we had closing up 2012.  We’re ready for our upcoming year of big changes…bring it on 2013!!



(present time!)

(rondo had a special christmas treat)

(nicks adorable kitty, visiting family in ma!)


IMG_5011(best friends from nc came to visit)


602910_10100900131067143_1467290244_n(the siblings on nye)



IMG_5075(my brother came to bk for nye!)

IMG_5074(can’t wait to enjoy 2013 with this guy)

IMG_5104I hope everyone had wonderful holidays and a happy happy new year!




The past week has been difficult in the city.  With the horrible devastation from the hurricane, lack of power, transportation, and flooding it has been a different kind of week for sure.  Jay and I were so fortunate throughout the storm, with our only real issue being able to get to work (2 1/2 hour bus ride when it’s normally 20 minutes).  I can’t stop thinking about all the families and hope that we can help somehow.  Here are some pictures of our neighborhood and us at home from the days that followed…

(the NYC skyline with power out from our rooftop)

(working from home, rondo watching his first celtics game, crazy bus lines)

(rondo begging for my food, our park totally flooded, homemade ziti)

(comfy boy napping through the wind)

Before the hurricane was Halloween which was a great time!  We got all dressed up and went to our friends party.  Here are some pics from the night (Jay was Abu Nazir from Homeland and I was Khaleesi from Game of Thrones)…

This weekend after the storm and Halloween, I went to North Carolina to spend the weekend at ECU with my best friends!  We went to a football game, saw all our old haunts, ate a crazy amount of Bojangles, and were really excited to all be back together.  Here are some pics from the weekend…

(beautiful campus, beautiful friends)

(football time…and we actually won!)

Unfortunately now it’s back to reality…but I’m still so thankful for how lucky we were during the storm and hope the recovery is swift.

xo – j


As usual, another busy week here in NYC.  Monday Jay and I went to see The Master. It was fantastic! I had a quick dinner alone at Grey Dog before meeting him and had the best chicken sandwich in existence.  See proof below…

Tuesday Jay cooked dinner (thank you thank you Jay) and he let me watch The Vow.  Best. Night. Ever.  (ha).  Here’s Rondo on Tuesday after stealing my hair tie.  Guilty much?

Wednesday for my friend’s birthday we went to the San Gennaro Festival in Little Italy at lunch.  We both had massive sausage sandwiches (regretted that later) and walked around checking out all the vendors…

Then happy hour with friends last night, which turned into way later night than expected and a nice headache this morning.  Whoops.  Oh yea, and more guilt from this guy…

Tonight Jay and I are seeing Delta Spirit and Dr.Dog in Central Park.  Like I said earlier, busy week!

Officially NY

Well, it’s official, I am a resident of NY.  Goodbye NJ license (hopefully not forever).  Even though I have been here for years now (don’t tell NY please), I just now got around to switching over since it’s about to be voting time.

This made me think of all the great, and horrible, times driving in NJ…amazing summers with friends, rides to the beach, great adventure, cruising around town, taking my dog everywhere with me…and of course the bad experiences driving which I will not mention…they were bad…real bad.

Either way, I am now part of NY for good.  And though it can make me feel a little…

I have a wonderful life in NYC (graffiti by my apt).

For example, last night we saw Yeasayer (one of my favs) in Central Park…








Today I had the most amazing pizza ever…

And of course, most importantly, I come home to these guys which makes NYC actually feel like home…

Shake Shack!

Yesterday was a junk day! At lunch I went to FAO’s Candy store and filled a bag with jaw breakers and rock candy, then for dinner Rondo and I had Shake Shack with Lauren.  Delicious day, but not a healthy one!  We met Lauren in Madison Square Park for some burgers, fries, and a doggy peanut butter sundae for Rondo.  He was really into it…

Before dinner Rondo ran around in the dog park there (a nice one!) and then we had a great time eating, catching up with Lauren, and enjoying the last bit of summer.  Here are some pictures from yesterday…

I think my favorite is Rondo trying to get the beer…what a rascal. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!