This weekend…

For the first time in 4 weeks, Jay and I were both home for the weekend together.  It was fantastic.  We were able to take naps, watch movies, eat dinner with friends, and enjoy spending time alone together doing nothing.  Here is a bit about our weekend…



Friday we had dinner with our friends Reggie and Emily at Dressler. Emily was planning a surprise party for Reggie on Saturday, so to throw off the scent we had a dinner full of unbelievable food and lies about plans.  I had the most amazing artichoke, steak, crabcake, veal cheek (sounds gross but it’s insanely delicious), and peach cake with cream.  Mmm.


Saturday we went on a big walk with Rondo to the dog park and let him run out all of his energy so we could enjoy the day napping.  On the way back we went to a street fair in our neighborhood where Rondo met more puppies to play with and we got to relax in colorful chairs without any cars.  When we got home we all slept in bed…look at those cuties!

Later that night we had the surprise party which couldn’t have gone better.  He was completely shocked (pictures to come).


Sunday was our nothing day.  Rondo and I went on a walk down to the pier and enjoyed the skyline and some pretty houses, Jay watched football with his favorite fan, we ate a ton of junk, and watched a couple movies (so lazy!).  My kind of day!


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