I can’t believe summer is ending!  Like always we have been busy, but having the girls so much more active makes each day better than the one before.  These two love the water and have absolutely no fear!  We’ve spent a lot of nights in the pool swimming once Jay gets home from work.

Anyway, here are a bunch of pictures from the past couple months with these silly coconuts.  They are forever dancing, hitting each other with books, and climbing on everything…love them!




This weekend…

For the first time in 4 weeks, Jay and I were both home for the weekend together.  It was fantastic.  We were able to take naps, watch movies, eat dinner with friends, and enjoy spending time alone together doing nothing.  Here is a bit about our weekend…



Friday we had dinner with our friends Reggie and Emily at Dressler. Emily was planning a surprise party for Reggie on Saturday, so to throw off the scent we had a dinner full of unbelievable food and lies about plans.  I had the most amazing artichoke, steak, crabcake, veal cheek (sounds gross but it’s insanely delicious), and peach cake with cream.  Mmm.


Saturday we went on a big walk with Rondo to the dog park and let him run out all of his energy so we could enjoy the day napping.  On the way back we went to a street fair in our neighborhood where Rondo met more puppies to play with and we got to relax in colorful chairs without any cars.  When we got home we all slept in bed…look at those cuties!

Later that night we had the surprise party which couldn’t have gone better.  He was completely shocked (pictures to come).


Sunday was our nothing day.  Rondo and I went on a walk down to the pier and enjoyed the skyline and some pretty houses, Jay watched football with his favorite fan, we ate a ton of junk, and watched a couple movies (so lazy!).  My kind of day!

Shake Shack!

Yesterday was a junk day! At lunch I went to FAO’s Candy store and filled a bag with jaw breakers and rock candy, then for dinner Rondo and I had Shake Shack with Lauren.  Delicious day, but not a healthy one!  We met Lauren in Madison Square Park for some burgers, fries, and a doggy peanut butter sundae for Rondo.  He was really into it…

Before dinner Rondo ran around in the dog park there (a nice one!) and then we had a great time eating, catching up with Lauren, and enjoying the last bit of summer.  Here are some pictures from yesterday…

I think my favorite is Rondo trying to get the beer…what a rascal. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Rainy Day…

It’s a crummy day in New York.  It’s dark, pouring down rain, steamy, and the whole city is mourning the summer (doesn’t make for a pleasant commute let me tell you).  And when you are trying to leave for work and this little guy has decided to take a morning nap on you…it’s nearly impossible to leave.

This rainy day has me reflecting on the fantastic summer we just had… We moved into an apartment together, adopted about the best puppy in the world, traveled to weddings, parties, showers, visited friends and family all over, and even managed to enjoy our neighborhood a bit.  For all the times I can be grumpy or upset, looking back at these pictures from the summer makes me realize how fortunate I am to have my family, Jay, Rondo, and amazing friends.  Here’s to next summer being as great as summer 2012 and to pumpkin flavored everything starting now that it’s fall!  Below are a bunch of my favorites from this summer…

Is Summer Really Over?

This weekend was wonderful!  Rondo and I went home to my parents house and got to relax, go on long walks, run all over the park, take naps, and enjoy driving around in the car (his new favorite).  Sunday the whole family went to the beach for a delicious brunch and to enjoy the last moments of summer before school starts again for Mom and summer Friday’s end for me.

Rondo was EXHAUSTED after all of the long walks, running, and playing outside he did this weekend.  He is so cute (especially when he is sleeping).  But when we got home on Monday and he saw Jay, he forgot about all the fun we had together and only wanted to cuddle his Papa.

In other news, my plants at home survived the weekend alone which made me really happy.  My herb garden is even starting to grow!

It’s hard to be back at work today, to leave Jay and the pup when all we want to do is snuggle at home.  At least I have homemade blueberry cake for breakfast and some yummy pumpkin cider waiting at home (fall is coming!).