United Nations

With all the hustle and bustle over the visitors to the UN (Obama, Agmadinejad), and road closures due to it, midtown has been a little crazy the past couple days.  My friend Erin and I decided to walk over to the UN at lunch and watch the important people walk by!  We ended up finding a raised park that overlooked the UN and stayed there enjoying the view instead of our normal lunch stroll…

And like the grownups we are, watching the important officials walk by…we had ring pops…

This is why we work for magazines and not the State Department.

Yesterday was also Rondo’s first day at puppy day care.  It may be the best thing that has happened to Jay and I in months.  We got home last night, he ate dinner, waited for Jay at the door, and then he was OUT for the rest of the night.  Yes!!

This morning though, he was back to his hyper self.  I got out of the shower to this scene…lovely boy.

At least he is using those long legs for something!


This weekend…

For the first time in 4 weeks, Jay and I were both home for the weekend together.  It was fantastic.  We were able to take naps, watch movies, eat dinner with friends, and enjoy spending time alone together doing nothing.  Here is a bit about our weekend…



Friday we had dinner with our friends Reggie and Emily at Dressler. Emily was planning a surprise party for Reggie on Saturday, so to throw off the scent we had a dinner full of unbelievable food and lies about plans.  I had the most amazing artichoke, steak, crabcake, veal cheek (sounds gross but it’s insanely delicious), and peach cake with cream.  Mmm.


Saturday we went on a big walk with Rondo to the dog park and let him run out all of his energy so we could enjoy the day napping.  On the way back we went to a street fair in our neighborhood where Rondo met more puppies to play with and we got to relax in colorful chairs without any cars.  When we got home we all slept in bed…look at those cuties!

Later that night we had the surprise party which couldn’t have gone better.  He was completely shocked (pictures to come).


Sunday was our nothing day.  Rondo and I went on a walk down to the pier and enjoyed the skyline and some pretty houses, Jay watched football with his favorite fan, we ate a ton of junk, and watched a couple movies (so lazy!).  My kind of day!

Dinner for me?

Last night after work, I took Rondo on a long walk up to McCarren Park to run around with the other dogs.  He loves it, the sniffing, chasing, running in circles…and I love it because when we come home he is beyond tired.  The best part about it is I came home and Jay was making dinner and got me Fall cider (go get it, it’s yummy).  






This morning I tried to get Rondo to give me a kiss in a picture…this is the result…

And then I was bored waiting for Jay to be ready to leave and this happened…

I have a lot of time in the morning since little man has us up at 6:30….clearly.

Is Summer Really Over?

This weekend was wonderful!  Rondo and I went home to my parents house and got to relax, go on long walks, run all over the park, take naps, and enjoy driving around in the car (his new favorite).  Sunday the whole family went to the beach for a delicious brunch and to enjoy the last moments of summer before school starts again for Mom and summer Friday’s end for me.

Rondo was EXHAUSTED after all of the long walks, running, and playing outside he did this weekend.  He is so cute (especially when he is sleeping).  But when we got home on Monday and he saw Jay, he forgot about all the fun we had together and only wanted to cuddle his Papa.

In other news, my plants at home survived the weekend alone which made me really happy.  My herb garden is even starting to grow!

It’s hard to be back at work today, to leave Jay and the pup when all we want to do is snuggle at home.  At least I have homemade blueberry cake for breakfast and some yummy pumpkin cider waiting at home (fall is coming!).

Flowers in Brooklyn

Below are some pictures from yesterday and this morning.  Rondo and I took a new route in our neighborhood and found the prettiest flowers growing on a fence (it’s the little things), and some graffiti too.  Rondo lost a big puppy tooth which Jay found in the closet…I assume we will find a chewed shoe in there soon. I attempted to do a sock bun which…err…see attempt 1 and 2 below (and my silly faces…sorry!).  Yesterday the Backstreet Boys came to work, yes, I acted like a 12 year old.  And my cupcake habit is yet to slow down, it’s not ok.  That’s all for now!