The last two weeks

Over the last 10 days I was in NYC and NJ visiting friends, family, and work.  It was such a great trip being able to not only see my friends before Christmas, but getting to my Mom’s concert, and enjoying the city at Christmas time (complete with snow!).  I miss New York so much, but there is nothing like coming back home to Jay and Rondo.

To everyone I got to see last week, I love you all so much and miss you constantly.  How lucky am I to have you all in my life?!



city birthday

This weekend Mom, Nick, and Mom’s cousin Susan came into the city for a fun tourist day! We went to see the reflecting pools at WTC, visited the museum, and enjoyed lunch and a walk in Williamsburg.  The weather couldn’t have been more beautiful!  Besides my tummy, it was a perfect day.  Plus, it was the first time family got to see Jay and I since our engagement…so fun!


IMG_7137 IMG_7139

Sunday was Mom (and Susan!)’s birthday!  We celebrated with a ton of junk food, presents, and a drive around home.  How lucky am I to have grown up here…


Then we watched the Celtics finally win a game, and I was back to Brooklyn to be with my boys.


The most important take away from weekends like this is how lucky I am to have my family.  Mom, happy happy happy birthday.  I love you so much!


Hot Chocolate Day

I never know when hot chocolate day is going to come…but when it does, I lose my cool.  I’m basically Stanley Hudson! Once or twice a year 30 Rock does a hot chocolate tasting where all the best places (godiva, potbelly, bouchon) give away free hc…and oh man, is it magnificent.  I know, I know, it’s only hot chocolate, but anything to help make work feel a little happier right?IMG_6267
(my first two cups)


On top of free hc day, look at these two besties hanging out…

photo 1

Tonight and tomorrow we have dinner with friends, and then home for the weekend to celebrate my Dad’s birthday!


oh bang!


I cut my bangs this weekend! I feel like my old self again, but oh man…now I have bangs?!  This is pretty much the only news from the weekend (ha).  We watched  movies (Flight, Argo, Side by Side, Celeste & Jesse Forever), I then cried about C&J Forever for hours, hung around with the puppy, and I cooked a huge meal last night for the Oscars (meatballs, pasta fagioli).  It was so nice to have a lazy weekend in the apartment together.  Here are a few pictures from the weekend…

IMG_6235 IMG_6238 IMG_6234
(i still can’t believe i cut them…in two days i am going to be whining…but today i love them)

(rondo’s casual sunday: reading rs with his bacon bone)

IMG_6189 IMG_6183 IMG_6169
(my love and i friday night, my 1st shamrock shake of the year, jim james concert)

(jay and i eating friday night…clearly we have different styles)

(my soup that cooked all day)

Now time to research dry shampoo since I have these silly bangs again, and do a good deal of work.



Dinner / Movie / Mess

IMG_5285Last night Jay and I decided to go to see Silver Linings Playbook (so good!) at Nitehawk!  We love this movie theater!  They have amazingly delicious food (clearly the most important part), a full bar (eh maybe this is most important), and its really intimate (not a huge megaplex).  Check out their menu here!


 IMG_5288 IMG_5286 IMG_5287
(theater, how you order, ticket)

Anyways, we had a great meal (I had shrimp and fried grits, we loved the movie, and it was a fun night out.  Then we got home…


Where this monster had thrown up all over our comforter! YAY!  It’s my own fault he overate and looks like he snacked on a toy too…poor little guy.  So after a scramble to clean our mattress cover, get new sheets on, and find blankets to sleep with, we were off to bed.  Always something right?

Wishing everyone a sick-dog free day!


Then there are days…


There are days where I love nyc…when friends are visiting, going out on the town, eating amazing food, celebrating holidays, loving my neighborhood…and then there are days like yesterday…

Yesterday was 30 degrees outside but 85 degrees on the subway, we had to have the exterminator come to get rid of the mice (gross), I literally had to drag Rondo into the vet because he didn’t want to go in (and of course we were running late), I started making dinner then realized I didn’t have 1/2 the ingredients (awesome), and I think both of us are getting sick…ay! I try not to whine on here but yesterday was so frustrating…

Here are some things that remind me how good life is…even when I’m about to pass out on the subway from my jacket, there are mice crawling in our obscenely expensive apartment walls, and work is making me bananas…

550841_10151341355349932_52927718_n(rondo and nick over on nye)

IMG_5127(found this weirdo in the tub yesterday just hanging out)

483978_10151341354694932_1834215110_n(this great pic julie took of rondo out with us on nye)

227697_10151341354739932_1053857758_n(shawty boom)

47763_10151341354994932_683113580_n(oh wait…this one makes me feel queasy)

(Thanks for letting me steal all your pics Jules…you’re amazing!)

Have a wonderful weekend all!


Back to Business

IMG_5103I can’t believe vacation is already over and it is 2013!  Christmas and New Years Eve were both wonderful…couldn’t have been better (with the exception of a trip to the dr on christmas day)!  Here are some pictures of friends visiting, family, and the great time we had closing up 2012.  We’re ready for our upcoming year of big changes…bring it on 2013!!



(present time!)

(rondo had a special christmas treat)

(nicks adorable kitty, visiting family in ma!)


IMG_5011(best friends from nc came to visit)


602910_10100900131067143_1467290244_n(the siblings on nye)



IMG_5075(my brother came to bk for nye!)

IMG_5074(can’t wait to enjoy 2013 with this guy)

IMG_5104I hope everyone had wonderful holidays and a happy happy new year!




Wild weeks at work mean lazy nights at home.  I did however do some quality wrapping while Jay was out at his basketball game last night!  Here are some things from around the city and home in the past couple days…

IMG_4396 (walk in central park in the weird warm weather monday)

(columbus circle christmas shopping)

IMG_4407(snuggling my boy enjoying our tree)

IMG_4401(the rock tree is up!  it really never gets old…the crowds do…but not the tree)


(my sweet boys playing together…they’re too cute)

yay almost friday!


Another Rainy Day


A yucky morning in NYC…but it is supposed to be 60 this afternoon and sunny!  I’ll believe it when I see it.  Some rainy pics from my morning…


(dark street & mural by my apt)


(even the park looks sad it’s raining)


The good news is words with friends has decided Rondo is a playable word…clearly I am way too excited about this!

Also, you can see more of my photos on Instagram!