Busy bee

As always, we have been running around.  Here are some pictures from life lately…


IMG_6604 IMG_6599

(city view from cab)

IMG_6597 IMG_6577 IMG_6593
(night in with my loves jac & char)

IMG_6623 IMG_6627
(my amazing homemade turkey burger. i brought the leftovers to work and here is the result.  thank you so much kitchen jerk whoever you are)

IMG_6661 IMG_6662 IMG_6660

IMG_6664 IMG_6663
(the annual  festival of tom)

(even rondo had a case of the mondays)



3 thoughts on “Busy bee

  1. theshellhammer

    Hi Justine!! First of all, you are absolutely adorable and I love reading and seeing your style (and Rondo’s)! Second, there is an “award” of sorts that I “nominated” you for. It’s not a true award, just a way to get to know other bloggers better and a way for your audience to get to know you better. I would love to see what you have to say! You can read all about it on The Shellhammer today!

    All the best! — Alex


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