Well, we moved…sort of!  There are a million things to do, and I am in the city still, but all of our belongings are in our amazing new house!  I can’t wait to organize and decorate and make it our home!  Both Mom’s and Dad’s… we couldn’t have done it without you.  And to all of our friends, we love you guys so much, especially for waking up on Saturday and helping instead of sleeping in.  Here are some pictures from our last date in Williamsburg at Motorino, and Rondo being Rondo.


IMG_0355 IMG_0358 IMG_0354

IMG_0357 IMG_0356 IMG_0353

IMG_0352 IMG_0338 IMG_0328


IMG_0309 IMG_0335



Party & Purchase

Well, it’s official…we are home owners!  After a long, difficult, and trying journey to own our new home we finally closed!IMG_0295

We had a going away party Saturday morning on our roof with a bunch of friends and had a really amazing time getting to see everyone.  No words can express what all of you mean to Jay and I…we are going to miss you all so much.  Part of our hearts will always be in Brooklyn.  I can’t believe it is all coming to a close, I really can’t.  But this next chapter is going to be incredibly exciting.  There will be a lot of changes, and I’m sure some tough days, but I think we are ready for this big move.  Thank you all for your love and friendships…now everyone come visit!

(sunset on our beautiful roof deck at the party)

IMG_0274 IMG_0275 IMG_0277


IMG_0281 1009732_10151684798514932_657058758_n IMG_0272




engagement photos (part i)

I couldn’t be more thrilled to share with you the first set of our engagement pictures!  Julie shot these throughout our neighborhood and we couldn’t be more in love with them.  You can check our her full site here and blog here.

PicMonkey Collage


PicMonkey Collagebrighteye


PicMonkey Collage_2



PicMonkey Collagefg

There are more on her site and more to come from other locations.  I feel so lucky to have Julie not only as my future family, but to know such a talented photographer!  Thank you again Jules for doing these, we never would have without you!


Trip Video

Yesterday we both tried to relax after our wonderful trip and get back to stasis.  Our bodies are so confused about when to be hungry and tired (is lunch at 7am now?!).  We really did have a fantastic time (despite some manic moments stuck on the wrong side of the road…literally).  Thank you so much R&P for taking us all the way across the Atlantic!  I am so looking forward to having you as my family.

I can promise you within the next week I will annoy you with thousands of pictures, but for right now here is a quick video I put together yesterday!


9 years

If there is one thing wedding planning makes you think about it is friends….between invites, the bridal party, bachelor(ette) parties, and every step in between, you are consumed with thoughts of who will be around you.  Point being, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how lucky I am to have had these (below) absolute crazies in my life for the past 9 years!  Yea, that’s right girls, we met in 2004! AH!

I was looking through old pictures and couldn’t help but share.  Thank God we all look different than we did (I mean for real with the outfits, what were we thinking?!), but more importantly I’m so thankful to still have your friendships.  Girls…we have had so much fun in the past and there’s so so so much more fun to come!  Now let’s enjoy a little walk through the hell that was early college outfits and hair…

(please listen to this list as you flip through pics)


198_545339373583_8952_n 128_538868621023_770_n213_545381239683_2494_n 213_545381214733_395_n


240_552420443063_9246_n 213_545300571343_3729_n


Yea, that isn’t true…I have not been happy this week.  Work has been a bit of a nightmare…ok a lot of a nightmare.  I try not to whine on here, but man, how is it not Friday yet?  And poor Jay has been having a rough one too.  We are both ready for a relaxing weekend together…big time.

Anyways, on weeks like this, where all I want to do is close my eyes and have it all stop, I try to remember everything around me that does make me happy…

IMG_7171 IMG_7176
(the fact that my nails look like a 14 year old)

(the celtics killing it the past 2 games!)

IMG_7120 IMG_6814
(this little babe)

(that even when you are stuck in traffic here, at least there is a beautiful view)

(last but not least, the fact that this amazing picture exists and i call this person one of my best friends…my lord…i’m obsessed with this picture)

Here’s hoping today and tomorrow are better than that last two days!


As always

As always life is insane.  Here are some fun ones from lately…

(spring appears to be here but it is still so cold!)

IMG_7052 IMG_7059 IMG_7058

(celebrating with julie & doug)

IMG_7085 IMG_7053
(catching rondo with the blanket & pep…if only they would be friends)

IMG_7055 IMG_7076
(can’t stop making collages of things i love for the wedding!)

(view from our street. look how huge!)


double birthday boys

(look how tiny he was)

Saturday was Jay’s birthday!  We had a great time getting together with friends at Crown Vic, and celebrating not only his birthday but our engagement!  I had so much fun I forgot to take many pictures…oops.

And the second birthday boy is Rondo!  I can’t believe our little Rondo monster is 1! Love these boys so much ❤

IMG_1225 IMG_1061 IMG_1154

Here are some pics of Jay’s birthday…only a few like I said.  If anyone took any, send them my way!

IMG_7007 IMG_7004 IMG_7005
(trick candles, he was not pleased. thank you adie!)


I hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend!







I can’t believe it…we are engaged!!  How did I get so lucky?!  I wanted to share the story of how it happened on here since it has been hard to find time to call and share with everyone (I’m so sorry friends & family…I love you all so much).


Tuesday is Jay’s work from home day, and it was the warmest day we have had so far this year, so he suggested we take the dog on a walk down by the river after I got home from work.  I thought it was a bit funny that he wanted to take a walk so badly, but figured he wanted to get out of the house and enjoy the sun (finally!). 

So, we head down to the water with Rondo.  We’re walking along, enjoying our neighborhood, and right by the pier were at least 30 young kids playing on their bicycles and scooters.  We love Rondo so much…but children and bikes are not his thing (at all)…we hadto scoop him up to walk through the crowd of kids.  At this point, Jay must have been internally freaking out…all these kids, rondo barking, so much noise!

We get through the mania, and make it to the water, where it was basically just us.  We were looking at the city, enjoying the view, and Jay starts to talk about how we have a wonderful life here, and how even when we make our way out to the burbs (eventually) I won’t have to miss the city because we will still be here all the time.  I wasn’t thinking anything at this point, just thought he was being reflective while looking at the skyline!  He said he can’t wait to start life together and then…..asked me to hold the Rondo’s leash…ha!  I take the leash and still, didn’t think anything of it.  I was looking down at Rondo and the city, and then I turn around…

“And I have something to ask you…”

This would be when I totally lost my cool.  Jay was down on one knee!  I couldn’t believe it was happening!  I was, and still am, beyond excited.  I can’t believe that I get to spend the rest of my life with Jay!  It is the most amazing feeling in the world, and the proposal was so…us!  Dog barking and all!  Absolutely perfect.

Here are some pictures from right after it happened…


IMG_6918 IMG_6919 IMG_6923

(strangers took this one for us.  they thought we were tourists at first and didn’t want to.  but then i screamed “we just got engaged!!” and then they were more than happy to help!)

IMG_6922 IMG_6916 IMG_6928

We are both so excited!  The ring is more than I could have asked for…it’s so beautiful.  I’m obsessed with it, and terrified of hurting it!

To our families…I think I speak for both of us when I say we feel so lucky to join the other side.  We love you all so incredibly much.

Kate, thank you thank you for helping Jay find the ring, and keeping the secret when I kept telling you it wasn’t happening for a while. You are my baby angel and I can’t wait for all of the fun planning we get to do together!!!

Jay, I love you so much! I can’t wait to start a family and life together….you’re my favorite person in the world and always will be (promise). 


A little sunshine

It is finally warm in NYC, and everyone is out and about.  Nothing feels better than being able to eat lunch in the sunshine!  Now all we need is full on summer to come so I can get these legs tan…

(lunch date with erin on the trump tower deck)

IMG_6878 IMG_6887 IMG_6877
(ya see what i’m sayin?!)


Welcome back sunshine…we have missed you!