that escalated quickly…

Last night we went to dinner with friends to Patrizia‘s and man oh man, did we eat, and drink…so much…got a little wild fast.  We did family style and they just kept on bringing food…we had at least 8 appetizers, chicken parm, steak, pasta, salad, and then a huge dessert plate.  Oh yea, and the wine was included…

(btw, those are magnum bottles)


IMG_6317IMG_6322  IMG_6316
(dinner cuties)


IMG_6319 IMG_6321
(the white is mozzarella stuffed with ricotta imported from italy…oh. my. god)

This morning we are licking our wounds, but it was worth it.  If you are ever in the area, go to Patrizia’s, it’s amazing.

(jaybub, thanks for loving me even when i yell and tell gross stories in public. love you)



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