Home For Good Dogs/Looking Down On Us

581170_10100650831285903_1591221667_nI think you all know, not only by the name of the blog, we are kind of (ok totally) obsessed with our little Rondo.  I thought today I would share the story of how we brought home this guy and the amazing work Home For Good Dogs is doing!

We had been looking for a puppy for a while….we used Pet Finder, looked through tons of sites, and sent countless emails to both shelters and breeders.  Then one day Jay found Rondo (who was listed as a girl!) and we fell in love with his picture.

003(the picture on pet finder of rondo)

Then life took a turn, as it does, and I lost my cousin.  It couldn’t have been more tragic and is something I still can’t comprehend…the day after as we were making plans to travel home to be with my family, HFGD called and told me we were approved for Rondo (who at that time we thought was a girl and we were going to name Cholula).  I told them I wouldn’t be able to come get him as we had a horrible loss in the family, but thank you so much…

As I was talking to Toni from HFGD (amazing woman!) it turned out HFGD is located in the town where my cousin lived.  Again, I told her how I would love to meet the puppies, but I wouldn’t be able to.  She understood, but as we were about to hang up she asked where I lived in NJ (about 45 minutes away from my cousins house and HFGD) and she said “no problem! we will just bring the dogs to that petsmart for you on Sunday”.  And quick as that everything changed.

That weekend I went to meet up with Toni and the puppies.  She picked them both up and that’s when we realized that though they were both listed as girls, one was most definitely a boy!  I held them both and didn’t know how I could possibly decide who to bring home…then Rondo licked my face and I was sold.

I like to think my cousin was looking down (and even though she wasn’t a pet person) she sent us Rondo.  I’m always calling Rondo my little heaven angel…

047(rondo’s first day home sleepy in his bed)

I can’t say enough about the amazing work Home For Good Dogs does.  They are non-profit full of loving, helpful, warm volunteers who only want the best for their adoptable dogs.  Look at some of these cuties who need homes now…

Adoptable BlytheAdoptable GarrettAdoptable Jen

Adoptable Curtis

Please take some time and like their Facebook to continue support for this wonderful place!  If you know of anyone in the area looking for a loving pet to bring home please look to them!  They have adoption events in Milburn throughout December.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and this story brings a little bit of light to your day, as Rondo does with us.



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