This weekend Jay’s friends came to visit from Cali and boy did we party…seriously, I’m still tired!  Here are some fun pictures from the weekend in Brooklyn with our friends…


(out in manhattan for the night)


IMG_4662(rondo in bed still at 11am…he was up playing until way too late)

IMG_4674 IMG_4671 IMG_4668(hanging before starting our day)

IMG_4672(rondo falling asleep sitting up in the sun)

IMG_4680 IMG_4679 IMG_4683
(first stop of many at Spritzenhaus…the kale salad is seriously unreal)

IMG_4690 IMG_4692 IMG_4691

IMG_4705 IMG_4698  IMG_4704
(goofing around with em at surf bar for dinner)

IMG_4709(probably my favorite from the weekend.  i somehow got the boys to take this one with the trees)

IMG_4719 IMG_4718 IMG_4717
(last stop at lucky dog. rondo came for that one!)

Now it’s time to start my last week of work before the holidays!







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