De Niro!

Yay to a relaxing weekend!  Jay and I got to take it nice and easy.  We watched some movies, drank some wine, enjoyed the pup, and got to see DeNiro filming outside our apartment.

Saturday Rondo and I went to the dog park for hours!  After he was nice and worn out, Jay and I went to dinner with his sister and husband.  We went to Gallow Green which is a semi-secret rooftop restaurant on top of the Sleep No More hotel.  There is live 20’s music, beautiful views of the city, people in costume dancing, and a bit of a creepy Boardwalk Empire feel to it.  Here are some pics from dinner:

Sunday we woke up and had a pretty amazing New York moment.  Robert DeNiro filming Malavita outside our apartment!!

We sat on the porch for hours watching them.  Nothing like waking up to DeNiro shooting someone in a car literally in front of your door.  Rondo was very interested in the filming…

After watching, Rondo and I went to the Williamsburg Flea Market for a little vintage shopping…

Before I knew it, it was dinner, HBO time, and bed.  At least we have an event this week with Karmin and Santigold so there is something to look forward to instead of just work (even though it’s a work event)! xo


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