This city is crazy. Crazy busy, crazy fast, crazy tiring…sometimes I forget to appreciate the things I have (especially when strangers are bumping into me on the subway).  Today I’m going to try and remember all the little (and silly) things I love and am surrounded by…

1. Heavy food is back!  Thank you cold weather for making every day seem appropriate for lemon sugar donuts and cheese.

2. My Mama.  She sent me home with a bunch of pumpkin decorations because she knows how much I love what she does with our house.  Jay’s Mom got us some things too!

3.  The fact that this is the view from Rondo’s daycare.  I mean, come on!

4.  I don’t think this one needs explanation (again, thanks Mama)…

5. My debate watching partner…

6.  This guy…

7. And most importantly, the fact that this turtleneck/t-shirt combo was documented (sorry Nick!)…

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend ahead!!


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