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Last night I had an event for work …our Women Who Rock private concert with Karmin and Santigold.  It was a great time!  The pictures above are from the photo booth activation we did.  Fun right?


Bangs / Bisque

Last night I had dinner with my Bug at Cafe Select.  Look how cute this place is (not to mention delicious)…

My lobster bisque had a lobster croissant in it!

And finally…finally…finally…look at my bangs, oh you don’t see them? YESSS!  Never again will I cut you bangs…well, until I cut you again..

De Niro!

Yay to a relaxing weekend!  Jay and I got to take it nice and easy.  We watched some movies, drank some wine, enjoyed the pup, and got to see DeNiro filming outside our apartment.

Saturday Rondo and I went to the dog park for hours!  After he was nice and worn out, Jay and I went to dinner with his sister and husband.  We went to Gallow Green which is a semi-secret rooftop restaurant on top of the Sleep No More hotel.  There is live 20’s music, beautiful views of the city, people in costume dancing, and a bit of a creepy Boardwalk Empire feel to it.  Here are some pics from dinner:

Sunday we woke up and had a pretty amazing New York moment.  Robert DeNiro filming Malavita outside our apartment!!

We sat on the porch for hours watching them.  Nothing like waking up to DeNiro shooting someone in a car literally in front of your door.  Rondo was very interested in the filming…

After watching, Rondo and I went to the Williamsburg Flea Market for a little vintage shopping…

Before I knew it, it was dinner, HBO time, and bed.  At least we have an event this week with Karmin and Santigold so there is something to look forward to instead of just work (even though it’s a work event)! xo


This city is crazy. Crazy busy, crazy fast, crazy tiring…sometimes I forget to appreciate the things I have (especially when strangers are bumping into me on the subway).  Today I’m going to try and remember all the little (and silly) things I love and am surrounded by…

1. Heavy food is back!  Thank you cold weather for making every day seem appropriate for lemon sugar donuts and cheese.

2. My Mama.  She sent me home with a bunch of pumpkin decorations because she knows how much I love what she does with our house.  Jay’s Mom got us some things too!

3.  The fact that this is the view from Rondo’s daycare.  I mean, come on!

4.  I don’t think this one needs explanation (again, thanks Mama)…

5. My debate watching partner…

6.  This guy…

7. And most importantly, the fact that this turtleneck/t-shirt combo was documented (sorry Nick!)…

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend ahead!!


As usual, busy week!  Print weeks are always a little wild here at Rolling Stone.  Between getting all my art approved, making sure everything is booked, and my IOs are good to go, a lot has to be done in a short period of time.  The silver lining to all this madness is today is my Friday!  We’re off to see one of my best friends get married this weekend, yay!  I’m in the wedding (another yay) which means walking down the isle in the enemy above…be kind heels, be kind.

I met up with my other enemy/best friend today at lunch…

Oh fries with gravy and cheese…why must you be so delicious and so bad for me?  I love you so much…so much.

Just some things going on in the neighborhood.  They filmed Boardwalk at Diner, they were filming another episode right outside our building today, and suddenly there are neon heels on a bunch of telephone wires…weird.

One final picture before the weekend, a little preview of Halloween…

Cutest little guy in the world!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.  I can’t wait to share pictures of the wedding!

Meatballs! (recipe below)

Another weekend over…bummer…we did enjoy it though!  Friday we had our friend’s engagement party at Brooklyn Brewery (congrats T&K!).  Below are some pics from the night (cheese much Jay?!)…

Saturday we took it easy during the day, and went to see David Byrne on the waterfront at night.  Such an awesome show!  Plus, we were standing next to Bobby from Twin Peaks (which we were way too excited about).

The rest of the weekend was spent paying attention to our man… 

He’s a horrible New Yorker…

Sunday I decided to use my herb garden since it is starting to grow out of control and make turkey meatballs (we are a red meat free house).  I thought I would share the recipe since they are so delicious and pretty healthy as meatballs go!


What you will need:

3 cloves garlic
1/4 cup parsley
1 pound turkey meat (I get 99% fat free organic)
1/2 cup bread crumbs
1/3 cup grated parm cheese + a couple tablespoons for rolling
1 egg beaten
1/2 teaspoon dried oregano
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon black pepper
1/4 large yellow onion chopped or 1 teaspoon onion juice

(As you can see above I have an onion hater in my house.  I use onion juice in exchange for the onion since it gives the same flavor and keeps the moisture.)

First, preheat your over to 400 degrees, then tear up your turkey with a fork in a bowl:

Next, chop up your parsley (I used some from my garden and bought the rest…I was a little short):

Beat your egg in a separate bowl then add all ingredients to the turkey bowl including the egg:

Now mix it up really well…use your hands! use a fork! but make sure all of the turkey gets seasoned and doesn’t become compacted:

Now start scooping and rolling your meatballs onto a lined baking sheet.  Once you have your meatballs on the sheet, sprinkle with those extra tablespoons of parm:

Bake for 25-30 minutes, or until they are firm.  I usually bake for 25 then let them cook in the sauce for another 10 minutes or so:

Use any sauce you want!  I made mine from scratch yesterday (Trubiano’s you know the recipe) since I had herbs to use and time to kill.

While your meatballs are making the sauce taste extra yummy cook your pasta:

Then plate, serve, and enjoy these tasty (and pretty healthy) meatballs!  Below is Jay’s version and mine:

Let me know if you have any questions and enjoy the start to your week everyone 🙂

Rainy Day…

It’s a crummy day in New York.  It’s dark, pouring down rain, steamy, and the whole city is mourning the summer (doesn’t make for a pleasant commute let me tell you).  And when you are trying to leave for work and this little guy has decided to take a morning nap on you…it’s nearly impossible to leave.

This rainy day has me reflecting on the fantastic summer we just had… We moved into an apartment together, adopted about the best puppy in the world, traveled to weddings, parties, showers, visited friends and family all over, and even managed to enjoy our neighborhood a bit.  For all the times I can be grumpy or upset, looking back at these pictures from the summer makes me realize how fortunate I am to have my family, Jay, Rondo, and amazing friends.  Here’s to next summer being as great as summer 2012 and to pumpkin flavored everything starting now that it’s fall!  Below are a bunch of my favorites from this summer…


Yesterday was a fun one!  Rondo went to his first puppy play group (it sounds silly…we know…he’s a dog). He had a great time running around and tricking the other puppies into chasing him (his favorite game is getting chased around the apartment).  Then we had a good friends’ birthday party at Sweetwater in our neighborhood.  They make most amazing watermelon cocktails.  Here we are last night:

The weather has been beautiful in NY the past couple days, so I took advantage and explored a new part of the city on my lunch break.  Look at these beautiful houses…I want one!

Here are some other things from yesterday…Rondo chewing the paper towel roll (his obsession), my favorite new dress (my obsession), and the finally perfected sock bun! Have a great long weekend everyone.


These past couple weeks have been wild for us. We were in Maine for a wedding, I went to Nashville, Jay went to Vegas, Rondo had his first swim, and we have been running around NYC working, going to shows (we saw Once finally!), PS1, and taking care of Rondo after his surgery.  The summer is always a lot of fun, but there is no rest…none.  Here are some pictures from what we’ve been up to the last couple weeks!