9 years

If there is one thing wedding planning makes you think about it is friends….between invites, the bridal party, bachelor(ette) parties, and every step in between, you are consumed with thoughts of who will be around you.  Point being, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how lucky I am to have had these (below) absolute crazies in my life for the past 9 years!  Yea, that’s right girls, we met in 2004! AH!

I was looking through old pictures and couldn’t help but share.  Thank God we all look different than we did (I mean for real with the outfits, what were we thinking?!), but more importantly I’m so thankful to still have your friendships.  Girls…we have had so much fun in the past and there’s so so so much more fun to come!  Now let’s enjoy a little walk through the hell that was early college outfits and hair…

(please listen to this list as you flip through pics)


198_545339373583_8952_n 128_538868621023_770_n213_545381239683_2494_n 213_545381214733_395_n


240_552420443063_9246_n 213_545300571343_3729_n


Since we just had an extended vacation we are going to forgo a big valentine’s…we’re planning on a nice night of take out and relaxing.  I wish Rondo was home though for his first valentine’s day with us, but I will see that little man tomorrow night!

(valentines card for jay)

(my valentines breakfast at work…i had too many)

IMG_5919 IMG_5934
(i put jays gifts on the pillow while he was in the shower / vday braids)

Wishing everyone a happy valentine’s day!

(MDN – love you 3 more than you could imagine…well, maybe you can imagine, but you know what i mean!)

Pictures of vacation to come later today!




Party Time / Day Off

IMG_5550(view from walk with rondo saturday night)

This weekend was a blast, and fortunately for me, it is still going on as I have the day off (sorry if you’re ready this at work Jay)!

Friday night I had dinner with Lauren at Ed’s, and stuffed my face with unbelievable food…

IMG_5520 IMG_5525
(lobster roll and fried oyster & bacon sliders…ahh!)

IMG_5521 IMG_5524
(blueberry creme brulee and yummy crackers)

Saturday we hung around and enjoyed the (slightly) warmer weather before going to Adie’s birthday party!

IMG_5567 IMG_5566

(some pics from my walk with rondo…love that last one)

Then it was party time…


IMG_5580 IMG_5579
(a little too much fun out)

Now it’s time to watch the President and go to Trader Joes…exciting day off eh? Hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend too!



Back to Business

IMG_5103I can’t believe vacation is already over and it is 2013!  Christmas and New Years Eve were both wonderful…couldn’t have been better (with the exception of a trip to the dr on christmas day)!  Here are some pictures of friends visiting, family, and the great time we had closing up 2012.  We’re ready for our upcoming year of big changes…bring it on 2013!!



(present time!)

(rondo had a special christmas treat)

(nicks adorable kitty, visiting family in ma!)


IMG_5011(best friends from nc came to visit)


602910_10100900131067143_1467290244_n(the siblings on nye)



IMG_5075(my brother came to bk for nye!)

IMG_5074(can’t wait to enjoy 2013 with this guy)

IMG_5104I hope everyone had wonderful holidays and a happy happy new year!



little christmas/big gift

IMG_4803(our tree and wrapped presents)

Last night we had little Christmas at our apartment.  We exchanged gifts, ate a ridiculous amount of Italian food, and watched a movie.  Though I’m sad we won’t be together on the actual day, it was a lot of fun to have our first Christmas living together and with Rondo.

IMG_4784(rondo “helping” me wrap the other day)

We exchanged gifts and I didn’t know what to expect from Jay…what he gave was more than I could have imagined…8 days in Punta Cana at this crazy luxurious resort!  You can check it out here!  How did I get so lucky?!  I can’t believe in just a couple weeks we will be sitting on the beach relaxing together with nothing to worry about…now all we need is a puppy sitter…Mommmmmm :)????!!!!

Here are some more fun ones from present time last night:

IMG_4804(rondo’s daycare gave him a stocking! they are the greatest!)

(rondo hiding all his new toys behind the pillows of our bed & our mantle full of cards)

(jay opening, rondo loving his new metrocard toy…such a new yorker)

IMG_4827(the boys tuckered out from playing/opening…so cute)

My favorite gift I got Jay was this custom made poster since he loves Game of Thrones so much…

House Peckham

Pretty cool right?  With his real family saying too!

Almost time for 11 days off from work…11! Looking forward to spending time with so many friends and family at home, in Boston, and back in Brooklyn next week. Wishing everyone happy, healthy, and wonderful holidays!



3 Years


Last night Jay and I went to dinner for our 3 year anniversary at Marlow & Sons. Everything was so delicious and it was really nice to go out to dinner alone (we’re so busy it doesn’t happen too much!).  I took some pictures but they all turned out dark…bear with me here…


IMG_4591 IMG_4590 IMG_4589
(duck leg with green apples, spinach, onion, and so many spices mmm. sweet sunchokes with bacon. crostini with feta, fennel, and red onion salad)

IMG_4593(my man loving his chicken/lemon/rice soup.  if you know jay, you know his world revolves around soup.  look at the concentration!)

(table settings, menu, chalkboard menu)

IMG_4588(attempt to take a picture of us)

It was a really nice night, followed by the 12.12.12 concert, a double overtime Celtics win, and this little guy doing this all on his own after a walk in the cold…


He cracks us up!


Brooklyn Family

This weekend my parents came to visit Saturday for a fun day in my neighborhood.  We had crazy delicious lunch at Brooklyn Bowl, walked around with the pup, went to the flea market park, and enjoyed being with each other.  It was a great day and I missed them so much when they left.  Below are some fun ones from the day…

Even with that busy day I managed to get the new letters I got at Anthropologie up in our bathroom.  So cute!

Saturday evening Jay got home from Boston!  I was so happy to have him back home, so was our man…

Sunday we had brunch with Tyler and his girlfriend Leah.  Rondo even got to come later.  Here we are sitting on the outside of the bar while they were inside!

Another perfect fall weekend!

De Niro!

Yay to a relaxing weekend!  Jay and I got to take it nice and easy.  We watched some movies, drank some wine, enjoyed the pup, and got to see DeNiro filming outside our apartment.

Saturday Rondo and I went to the dog park for hours!  After he was nice and worn out, Jay and I went to dinner with his sister and husband.  We went to Gallow Green which is a semi-secret rooftop restaurant on top of the Sleep No More hotel.  There is live 20’s music, beautiful views of the city, people in costume dancing, and a bit of a creepy Boardwalk Empire feel to it.  Here are some pics from dinner:

Sunday we woke up and had a pretty amazing New York moment.  Robert DeNiro filming Malavita outside our apartment!!

We sat on the porch for hours watching them.  Nothing like waking up to DeNiro shooting someone in a car literally in front of your door.  Rondo was very interested in the filming…

After watching, Rondo and I went to the Williamsburg Flea Market for a little vintage shopping…

Before I knew it, it was dinner, HBO time, and bed.  At least we have an event this week with Karmin and Santigold so there is something to look forward to instead of just work (even though it’s a work event)! xo


This city is crazy. Crazy busy, crazy fast, crazy tiring…sometimes I forget to appreciate the things I have (especially when strangers are bumping into me on the subway).  Today I’m going to try and remember all the little (and silly) things I love and am surrounded by…

1. Heavy food is back!  Thank you cold weather for making every day seem appropriate for lemon sugar donuts and cheese.

2. My Mama.  She sent me home with a bunch of pumpkin decorations because she knows how much I love what she does with our house.  Jay’s Mom got us some things too!

3.  The fact that this is the view from Rondo’s daycare.  I mean, come on!

4.  I don’t think this one needs explanation (again, thanks Mama)…

5. My debate watching partner…

6.  This guy…

7. And most importantly, the fact that this turtleneck/t-shirt combo was documented (sorry Nick!)…

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend ahead!!

A Wedding!

This weekend we were in Chesapeake City to see one of my closest friends in the world get married.  They were calling for rain but we got lovely sunshine! She looked absolutely perfect!  There couldn’t have been a more wonderful day to see her marry her best friend.

It’s hard when you’re in the wedding to take pictures, but as soon as the professional ones come in, I’ll be sure to post them.  Here are some of the ones I have…

I can’t wait to share more pictures of the beautiful venue, flowers, friends, and family who were at the wedding.  Getting to spend time surrounded by all your best friends, have a professional do your hair and makeup, and seeing a happy couple take this big step is a pretty good weekend in my book!

Rondo spent the weekend with parents at home loving life.  He got to go on long walks, get totally completely spoiled by my Mom, snuggle in a big house, and enjoy the grass.  Thank you again M&D for taking him, and more importantly, taking care of Jay and I on Sunday when we were a little worse for wear…what would I do without you two?

Last night Jay and I went to see Frightened Rabbit (one of my favs) at Bowery Ballroom.  We were both pretty tired, but made sure to get our act together for this show.  Two encores!  It was totally worth feeling a little groggy this morning.  Plus, we only drank water last night which definitely helped!