Last night we went to see Frightened Rabbit at Terminal 5.  T5 may be the worst venue ever (or maybe I’m just too short), but the show was fantastic!  Also, we got to go with my brother and his gf and some friends which was so fun.  Loved having them in the city for the night!


IMG_6858 IMG_6854 IMG_6856
(crazy crowd below & torturing jay with biscuits before the show)


IMG_6853 IMG_6852

Love them!

Now another weekend of mania.  Big plans ahead!





We have been running around like maniacs since before Easter.  Here are some pictures from lately…

(we got to meet this perfect boy)

IMG_6815 IMG_6817

IMG_6813 IMG_6800IMG_6814 IMG_6810
(he lives quite the life)

(got to have lunch with a lovely visitor)

(i don’t know where this guy was going with all that mcdonalds…)





On our vacation (almost 2 months ago!) we took pictures on a disposable camera…I thought it would be fun to have one roll of actual film.  I just got them back!  Some of them you would immediately delete on a digital camera, but overall I really love them.  Here are a few from the film…


50630026 50630021 50630010

50630027 5063000350630016


culinary institute

Last night my friend Erin and I took a wine, cheese, and meats of Italy class at the Institute of Culinary Education…it was so. much. fun.  We learned all about the different grapes, regions of Italy, the different textures, flavors, and aromas of not only the wine, but cheese and salumi.  We had a great time pairing the wine with the food (obviously), and learning at the same time!

Here are some pictures from our amazing class:


IMG_6715 IMG_6707 IMG_6711

IMG_6705 IMG_6704 IMG_6706
(did you know all salami is salumi, but not all salumi is salami?!)

IMG_6702 IMG_6699 IMG_6703
(we had 10 different wines!)

IMG_6701 IMG_6714

I would recommend this class to anyone!  I want to take so many more now! Thanks so much M&D for this great gift.


Busy bee

As always, we have been running around.  Here are some pictures from life lately…


IMG_6604 IMG_6599

(city view from cab)

IMG_6597 IMG_6577 IMG_6593
(night in with my loves jac & char)

IMG_6623 IMG_6627
(my amazing homemade turkey burger. i brought the leftovers to work and here is the result.  thank you so much kitchen jerk whoever you are)

IMG_6661 IMG_6662 IMG_6660

IMG_6664 IMG_6663
(the annual  festival of tom)

(even rondo had a case of the mondays)


chicken pasta


My Mom is an amazing cook…but much to her annoyance, all of our favorite meals she makes take her 20 minutes.  She can spend hours and hours making a meal, and we will all love it just about the same as the simple things.  Having been cooking on my own for a while now, I understand why this makes her nuts.  To spend hours on a cake when everyone would rather eat the Shop Rite cookies…ugh!

Anyway, she gave me this recipe for chicken pasta and it has become a staple in our apartment.  Jay’s #1 request…so I thought I would share since, at the end of the work day, who has 4 hours to make the food network version of recipes with 984 ingredients, when everyone loves the simple recipe just as much, if not more!




1 lb chicken breast
2 cans cream of mushroom or cream of chicken soup (i use one of each)
1/2 cup milk
1/2 cup parm
1 box ziti
Frozen broccoli (or frozen mix)
1/2 cup shredded cheddar


1. Brown and dice the chicken in a deep pan (that has a lid)with a little oil & butter.  I put some red pepper flakes on mine in the pan, let it brown, then dice in the pan.

IMG_2638 IMG_2639

2. While the chicken is browning, bring a pot of water to a boil for the ziti.


3. Once the chicken is browned, add the milk, parm, and soup.  Stir it up, bring to a boil, then turn down to a simmer.


4. Cover the chicken mix and let it simmer for 10 minutes stirring occasionally.

5. Cook the pasta for the recommended time on the box (normally 10 minutes).  The last 3 minutes of the pasta cooking, add your frozen broc or frozen mix to the boiling pasta.

(so if it is 10 minute pasta time, after 7 minutes add the broc, return to boil for the remaining 3 minutes)

6. Drain the pasta/veg mix, and add to the simmering chicken/soup mix that has been cooking for 10 minutes (it’s ok if it has been longer)…


7. Now stir it alllllll up!


8. Top with the cheddar.  The recipe says 1/2 cup…both my Mom and I are cheese liberal, I use at least a cup…probably more.  Then cover so it melts on top (about 1 minute) and you are done! Look how delicious!!


That is it!  Easy, delicious, happy.  In an effort to be healthy I served ours with a little salad that I made (arugula, strawberries, parm, and homemade dressing)…


Beware, making this recipe will result in you making this recipe thousands of times because everyone loves it!  Thanks Mom!




Thank God for Jay…last night I brought Rondo back from daycare and didn’t notice anything weird on the walk home.  But as soon as he ran in the door Jay immediately stopped him before he could jump all over our bed.  Rondo rolled in I don’t even want to know what at daycare yesterday and he stunk! Before my jacket was even off we had him in the tub for a bath…look at the face…


If that isn’t the face of a dog who knows he did something wrong, I don’t know what is.

birthday party

Well, the birthday is over and I made it out alive! I had such a great time on Friday and Saturday celebrating!  Friday was a snowy mess! I ate way too many treats, went out with friends from work, and then came home and hung out with poor sick Jay.  Saturday was my party at Spritzenhaus…what a great time!  Thank you to everyone who came!  I know Brooklyn isn’t always the easiest to get to and I really appreciate you all coming and partying the day away!  Here are (way too many) pictures from the past couple days…and yes, all the food was mine and eaten within 48 hours…


IMG_6429 IMG_6449 IMG_6441

IMG_6456 IMG_6460 IMG_6459

IMG_6513 IMG_6509 IMG_6511IMG_6508 IMG_6510 IMG_6507IMG_6505
(this is steve…my balloon animal. i loved him)

IMG_6504 IMG_6506 IMG_6503

IMG_6448 IMG_6443 733938_10101146214354131_1304047718_n

Again, thank you everyone for making 27 such a great birthday!

(T&L thank you for coming all the way from DC, you two are the best!   I know how much you are dying to be thanked on this blog you love SO much Ty.)



Tomorrow is my 27th birthday…and to be honest, I’m not all that thrilled.  I know that 27 is young, but I can’t believe how close I am to 30.  I’m as close to the age I started high school (which sometimes feels like yesterday) as I am to 40…ah!

So in the spirit of being an adult, whatever that means, I have made a list of 27 things that I want/need to do in my 27th year (and yes the entire list is me talking to myself)…

  1. Get Healthy – I have to go to the gym…or at least take yoga.  Ugh, I’m already not into it and I haven’t started.  Have to change that attitude.
  2. Disease – Just because you hear about a new disease on tv, or read about it on cnn, or sniffle, or have a pain in your arm, it doesn’t mean you are going to drop dead right? Yea, gotta work on telling myself that one.
  3. Mean – I need to work on not being so mean to the people I love most.  I have the tendency to overreact…big time.
  4. Facebook– I have to delete people who bother me on there.  Why do I allow myself to get so bothered by other people and what they are doing?  I need to make less time for this type of junk in my life.
  5. Cook – I have to start cooking more instead of ordering food out…we waste so much money on takeout.
  6. Right – It has come to my attention I am not always right?! What?!
  7. Read – Stop watching so much tvvvvvv!
  8. Hobby – I have to get a hobby…something that I like/want to do.  Even if it is knitting…idk, just something to do that is only for me.
  9. Friends – I need to see all of you so much more.
  10. Money – Apparently you can paint your nails at home?! I have to stop spending money I don’t have on manicures, lunch out, snacks…
  11. Wake up! – Stop sleeping until 8 and pressing snooze 4 times…just get up!
  12. Boozeeey – Probably don’t need to drink like I’m in college still on Saturday nights.
  13. Fight nice – I have to work on how I fight with Jay…seriously.  I need to learn to listen and not be so #3
  14. New York – Stop whining about NYC and start loving it.  I am always angry people aren’t walking fast enough, or moving the way I want them to, enjoy this city you are lucky to be in.
  15. Little things – I have to pick my battles and let little things go.  I don’t need to get so angry that the tourists want to take a picture of 30 rock when all I want to do is eat my lunch…I’ll get to lunch, even if it is 1 minute later, I’ll live.
  16. Phone – I am glued to my phone.  This has to stop.  I don’t need to be looking at it all the time, or have it on the table at dinner.
  17. Different things – Just because my friends want to do different things than me doesn’t mean what they are doing is wrong or not fun.
  18. New things – Go do some of the things with friends that you don’t really want to do…I bet in the end it will be fun.
  19. Green Juice/Dubstep/Quinoa – Stop getting so annoyed when people talk about these things and like them…who cares that they want to do a juice cleanse and instagram it? Let them live…no one is forcing you to like these things, so stop getting so annoyed by them.
  20. Rondo – Walk him in the early morning and late at night…it sucks, but you have to do it or he is always going to think the pee pad is ok.
  21. Cheerleader – Be a better cheerleader for everyone you love so much.
  22. Breathe – Breathe more at work instead of freaking out and getting so frustrated.  Take a breath and handle it.
  23. Fruit – Eat more fruit. It sucks, but you have to eat more fruit.
  24. Vitamins – Along with the fruit, get better about taking your stupid vitamins, it’s so easy!
  25. Like/Just/Yolo – STOP saying these words
  26. F.C.B.A.S. – Yea, you have to stop saying all the words those letters stand for so much too.
  27. Be Happy – I’m young, love Jay, my family, Rondo, where I live, I have a great job, yet I can cry and whine like no other.  Remember to be happy…

Alright there is my list, it was a lot to read and I doubt that anyone really cares except me.  That list is for after my birthday though…Today I’m going to eat, curse, drink, and yell at all of you!