New York I Love You


I can’t believe that tomorrow night I will get on a train, leave my job, family, the city, and go start our new life in Mass.  I’m beyond excited and wildly nervous all at the same time.  So many huge changes are ahead of us…

The past couple weeks I have been trying to appreciate New York as much as I possibly can.  Walking to work instead of taking the subway, looking up at buildings, and pretending to be a tourist everywhere I go. New York, thank you for everything you have given me…my first real job, where, hey, I ended up meeting my future husband, my first apartment, meeting some of my best friends, the crazy weekends and weeknights out way too late…if I named everything I love we would be here for a month.  NY, I will miss you, but it’s time to go…


IMG_2775 IMG_2773 IMG_2771


IMG_2709 IMG_2340 IMG_0124

IMG_4341 IMG_4370 IMG_6895


xo always and forever ny – j






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