This weekend we had our Anniversary, celebrated 2 Birthdays, and my Mom had her Concert!IMG_4456

Friday we had our friend’s (also called Justine!) birthday at Stand4.  It was so yummy!  Boozy shakes…mmm…


Saturday was our anniversary!  I got Jay a bunch of game of thrones glasses for our apartment since he loves the books/show and I keep breaking all our glasses…whoops!


That night we went out to celebrate Jay’s brother-in-laws birthday!  Look at this perfect couple…


Then Sunday I went home to see my Mom’s chorus concert.  They were wonderful…especially Mama!


IMG_4554 IMG_4559IMG_4557


I also got to meet my brother’s new kitty Caesar…I tried to steal him…

IMG_4534 IMG_4533

Some other randoms from the weekend…

  IMG_4459 IMG_4528 IMG_4438(sleepy boy, hair for dinner sat., orchid has 3 new blooms…how it is still alive idk)

IMG_4525(the city from the pier saturday night)

Now it’s back to work…how is it Monday already? Hope everyone had a great weekend!


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