little christmas/big gift

IMG_4803(our tree and wrapped presents)

Last night we had little Christmas at our apartment.  We exchanged gifts, ate a ridiculous amount of Italian food, and watched a movie.  Though I’m sad we won’t be together on the actual day, it was a lot of fun to have our first Christmas living together and with Rondo.

IMG_4784(rondo “helping” me wrap the other day)

We exchanged gifts and I didn’t know what to expect from Jay…what he gave was more than I could have imagined…8 days in Punta Cana at this crazy luxurious resort!  You can check it out here!  How did I get so lucky?!  I can’t believe in just a couple weeks we will be sitting on the beach relaxing together with nothing to worry about…now all we need is a puppy sitter…Mommmmmm :)????!!!!

Here are some more fun ones from present time last night:

IMG_4804(rondo’s daycare gave him a stocking! they are the greatest!)

(rondo hiding all his new toys behind the pillows of our bed & our mantle full of cards)

(jay opening, rondo loving his new metrocard toy…such a new yorker)

IMG_4827(the boys tuckered out from playing/opening…so cute)

My favorite gift I got Jay was this custom made poster since he loves Game of Thrones so much…

House Peckham

Pretty cool right?  With his real family saying too!

Almost time for 11 days off from work…11! Looking forward to spending time with so many friends and family at home, in Boston, and back in Brooklyn next week. Wishing everyone happy, healthy, and wonderful holidays!




bon appétit

IMG_4636(frozen hot chocolate at serendipity)

Lately we have been on an endless journey of lunches, dinners, drinks, and holiday parties…not that I’m complaining, but we have been busy and completely stuffed for the past two weeks!  Nothing like the holidays in NYC to fill you up…

(lunch at serendipity…erin and i dressed the same by accident!)



IMG_4641(more serendipty & dylans candy bar!)

IMG_4617(holiday lunch with all my girls from work!)

IMG_4749 IMG_4750
(rolling stone holiday party)

IMG_4732(i had 3 of these this week and a countless amount of cookies…oh dear)

Jay’s cousin from Italy came to visit NYC with his girlfriend and we had a great dinner at 1 or 8 in Williamsburg…so yummy…

IMG_4762 IMG_4761 IMG_4758



IMG_4775(nyc skyline from our rooftop)

Now just a couple more days until Christmas and a whole lot more eating to do in the mean time! Can’t wait to do little family Christmas tomorrow with these two bubs…







This weekend we had our Anniversary, celebrated 2 Birthdays, and my Mom had her Concert!IMG_4456

Friday we had our friend’s (also called Justine!) birthday at Stand4.  It was so yummy!  Boozy shakes…mmm…


Saturday was our anniversary!  I got Jay a bunch of game of thrones glasses for our apartment since he loves the books/show and I keep breaking all our glasses…whoops!


That night we went out to celebrate Jay’s brother-in-laws birthday!  Look at this perfect couple…


Then Sunday I went home to see my Mom’s chorus concert.  They were wonderful…especially Mama!


IMG_4554 IMG_4559IMG_4557


I also got to meet my brother’s new kitty Caesar…I tried to steal him…

IMG_4534 IMG_4533

Some other randoms from the weekend…

  IMG_4459 IMG_4528 IMG_4438(sleepy boy, hair for dinner sat., orchid has 3 new blooms…how it is still alive idk)

IMG_4525(the city from the pier saturday night)

Now it’s back to work…how is it Monday already? Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Thankful Thankful

I know it’s a bit after Thanksgiving, but if anything being home reminds me of all the things I’m thankful for…

I’m thankful for…

…my family…

…this little guy…

…having a wonderful home to go visit…

…and home looks like this…

…that it’s holiday season and I feel like I deserve to eat every kind of junk there is…and mom’s cooking too…

…and of course that it’s finally Christmas season and Jay and I are having our first Christmas living together…

(a million decorating and pictures of us to come)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and long weekend!