Officially NY

Well, it’s official, I am a resident of NY.  Goodbye NJ license (hopefully not forever).  Even though I have been here for years now (don’t tell NY please), I just now got around to switching over since it’s about to be voting time.

This made me think of all the great, and horrible, times driving in NJ…amazing summers with friends, rides to the beach, great adventure, cruising around town, taking my dog everywhere with me…and of course the bad experiences driving which I will not mention…they were bad…real bad.

Either way, I am now part of NY for good.  And though it can make me feel a little…

I have a wonderful life in NYC (graffiti by my apt).

For example, last night we saw Yeasayer (one of my favs) in Central Park…








Today I had the most amazing pizza ever…

And of course, most importantly, I come home to these guys which makes NYC actually feel like home…


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