As usual, busy week!  Print weeks are always a little wild here at Rolling Stone.  Between getting all my art approved, making sure everything is booked, and my IOs are good to go, a lot has to be done in a short period of time.  The silver lining to all this madness is today is my Friday!  We’re off to see one of my best friends get married this weekend, yay!  I’m in the wedding (another yay) which means walking down the isle in the enemy above…be kind heels, be kind.

I met up with my other enemy/best friend today at lunch…

Oh fries with gravy and cheese…why must you be so delicious and so bad for me?  I love you so much…so much.

Just some things going on in the neighborhood.  They filmed Boardwalk at Diner, they were filming another episode right outside our building today, and suddenly there are neon heels on a bunch of telephone wires…weird.

One final picture before the weekend, a little preview of Halloween…

Cutest little guy in the world!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.  I can’t wait to share pictures of the wedding!


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