9 years

If there is one thing wedding planning makes you think about it is friends….between invites, the bridal party, bachelor(ette) parties, and every step in between, you are consumed with thoughts of who will be around you.  Point being, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how lucky I am to have had these (below) absolute crazies in my life for the past 9 years!  Yea, that’s right girls, we met in 2004! AH!

I was looking through old pictures and couldn’t help but share.  Thank God we all look different than we did (I mean for real with the outfits, what were we thinking?!), but more importantly I’m so thankful to still have your friendships.  Girls…we have had so much fun in the past and there’s so so so much more fun to come!  Now let’s enjoy a little walk through the hell that was early college outfits and hair…

(please listen to this list as you flip through pics)


198_545339373583_8952_n 128_538868621023_770_n213_545381239683_2494_n 213_545381214733_395_n


240_552420443063_9246_n 213_545300571343_3729_n


7 thoughts on “9 years

  1. Ashley

    Haha…omg, I love this! And seriously, our outfits were just absolutely terrible! BUT in our defense, we didn’t have many shopping options and it was all on a teeny tiny college budget! And I’ll never have short hair again, never ever.

  2. lindsay sumrow

    Woof those are rough. The only positive thing i see about me is that my boobs were 10x bigger back then – sucks. Nice flash back J!

  3. Jack Flacco

    This reminds me so much of the 5 guys who’ve taken pics of themselves every 5 year. Great to see good, solid friendships last this long! Awesome, in fact 🙂

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