Christmas Mouse


It has been Christmas around my office for the past couple weeks, and now it seems to (finally) be Christmas all over the city!  Tress and decorations are everywhere!  Look at the beautiful trees above…they made my trip to buy a mouse trap a little bit better.   We are trying to pretend it’s a Christmas mouse and not freak out…but it isn’t working too well….I’m freaked out there is a mouse in our apt.

Otherwise we had a pretty calm weekend.  We did some quality lazing….


We went movies Saturday to see Life of Pi (which was great!).  We went downtown to our favorite secret theater.  Here are some pics from our stroll after the movie…



(the new tower disappearing into the clouds)


(Jay got this app that swirls your pictures…here is one he took from our walk.  Cool right?!)


I did do one successful thing this weekend…got our Christmas cards done!  Woo!  December 3rd and they are already mailed out.  If I only had the same motivation to swiffer…

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!



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