First Snow

A hurricane last week and snow this week…NYC is having it’s share of weather mania!  Above is the view from our living room window yesterday afternoon…I still can’t believe there is snow on the ground!

Rondo went for his first walk in the snow yesterday and, well, he wasn’t crazy about it…

He cracks me up in his hoodie.  Here are some other pictures of the snow in Brooklyn…

At least the snow makes me feel better about listening to Christmas music already!


12 thoughts on “First Snow

  1. musingsofmoss

    Can’t believe New York has snow before Scotland! Here in the north east of Scotland we have only had one short flurry of snow in a day a couple of weeks ago. January and February tends to be our time for snow. I’m still hoping for a white Christmas though as last year I was in Houston for the holidays and that was weird being warm in winter…

    • Justine

      I can’t believe it either! I’ve been in warm weather for the holidays too and it’s so bizarre. I hope we both get a white Christmas but one that we can still get around outside in :)!

  2. arranqhenderson

    I really like these photos too. The snow flurry in the one at the top somehow makes it look from another era. Cute dog too, very jealous of his warm suit and cool threads. Although as you say yourself, he doesn’t look too pleased about his walk in the cold ! Thanks for visiting and for following my blog. I’m delighted, and I hope you’ll find much to savour and enjoy. Regards from Dublin- Arran.

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