Friday I had a procedure done to help with my breathing, or lack of breathing!  Over the past couple months I haven’t been able to breathe well causing quite a lot of trouble for me physically and emotionally (I get so scared I won’t get air in!).  Hopefully now that the surgery is over, and once I have recovered, I will be good as new and breathing like a functioning human being again.

IMG_5302Thank God my Mom was here on Friday to help me!  I was a mess!  Bloody nose on the subway, felt like I had been punched 29058035 times in the face, and a bit out of it.  I couldn’t be more thankful to have had her with me, I’m a lucky kid…

IMG_5321(lookin fly in my hospital gown…yea…)

After the surgery Mom and I had lunch together at Forcella…it was just the medicine I needed.

IMG_5320  IMG_5319 IMG_5318
(proscuitto, arugula, parm, and mozz pizza…holy cow…and cute mama with her spin pizza!)

Since I couldn’t really go out this weekend, or drink, or stay out late, we had a lazy one.  We saw Zero Dark Thirty, ate a ton of delivery, and cuddled the boy…

IMG_5382  IMG_5365  IMG_5383
(hanging with my boys, and the absurd amount of snacks i ate saturday night)

IMG_5385(nail color from santa)

IMG_5404(my crazy long hair…idk what to do with it)

IMG_5373(mural of paradise in my neighborhood…less than 3 weeks till we are here)

Now all I can do is hope I start to feel a big difference in my breathing and I’m good to go!