IMG_5264(our orchid is thriving…i have no idea how)

The past couple days have been busy with work for both of us.  But here are some pictures of life lately…

IMG_5237(weirdo is obsessed with the butterfly chair. it’s his new hangout)

IMG_5193 IMG_5257 IMG_5258
(he is way too loved)

IMG_5253IMG_5252 IMG_5254
(erin and i exploring at lunch found a beautiful church and indoor garden to eat our lunch)

IMG_5256(can’t stop eating brussel sprouts…i thought i was going to die i ate so many the other day!)

IMG_5266(it may not be beautiful, but those chicken tacos and beans were so delicious)


(3 more weeks…all we have to do is make it 3 more weeks until we are here ^)