A little while back we spent a week visiting my parents in NJ, and man, the girls had fun.  We went to the aquarium, the beach, saw friends, and by far their favorite part was going to the carousel.  They loved it so much they both cried the second it stopped!  I’m a sucker and my Mom is an even bigger one, so of course, we went around again.

The last 3 pictures are my favorites!  The evolution of Ev deciding she loved it.  She was so unsure at first, and then after a minute she realized she kinda liked it, and by the end she was dancing on the seat and we had to hold her in place!


(V when it stopped for the first time about to lose it)IMG_1464
(Not sure yet)IMG_1467
(ok maybe…)IMG_1466
(yea this is great)

❤ J



We changed our name!

Hi all!  It has been quite a while, which is something I plan on changing.  First change though is the name!  Since we are definitely no longer a family of 3, I thought it was time to update the name (yes, a year late) to reflect that.  The new domain is forEVR and always, which of course is for Everly, Vanessa, and Rondo!  Going to will still work for a while, but starting in 2017, to keep updated go directly to

I have a bunch of posts from the past 4 months or so I am going to get to in the coming weeks!  Until then here’s V in a box and E in a bag…crazy coconuts!




❤ J