We have had so many visitors lately!  Every weekend we have had someone up to our new house!  It has been a lot of fun (though we are tired) getting to see everyone.

My best friend (and moh) came to visit a couple weekends ago, which was just the best.  We did a pub crawl for MS and had so much fun gabbing and giggling together.  Jay and Lauren also have a series of amazing “couple” pictures from the pub crawl…

IMG_1488 IMG_1473

Both of those are just ridiculous.  Of course by 10pm here is what they looked like…


Rondo too, completely passed out, Jay beer in hand…ay!

I should have taken a million more pictures of her and I together but I was having such a great time I forgot to take pics.  Thank you for coming up Buggy, love you forever.

xo – j


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