Vacation #1 (video)

We are back!  Vacation couldn’t have been better!  We relaxed, ate a weird amount of food, drank an even weirder amount of frozen drinks, and enjoyed being in the sun with just each other for 12 days.  Yea, that’s right, 12!  Nemo (evil fishy storm) had all flights cancelled, so we ended up with 4 extra days in paradise (this is after 8 hours of phone calls with the airline, hotel, and travel company).

I took 400 pictures, not like 400, actually 400.  I am going to sift through them tonight and post some of our favorites.  In the meantime here are a few from my iphone and at the bottom a video I made (it’s my first try at making one!)…

 IMG_5869IMG_5867 IMG_5865 IMG_5846 IMG_5828 IMG_5836 IMG_5789 IMG_5818 IMG_5788

(don’t worry, we are smoking vanilla cigars from a cigar making thing we went to…nothing naughty ha)

Now back to 3901804 emails and snow.

(M&D&N – thank you for taking care of our little babe.  i know he is going to be sad to leave you and we couldn’t be more appreciative of you loving/taking care of him the extra days)



3 thoughts on “Vacation #1 (video)

  1. DaVida Nature Photography

    Glad you had an enjoyable extended vacation! It reminds me of the winter my son and family went on a Paradise Vacation. Until they had to come home! As they walked into the Florida airport, there was home on the news being blanketed by a snow storm. My son immediately called me and wondered “what the hell is going on?” And I had to report that we were having a snowstorm – a big one! By the time they arrived home that evening, my country road had not even been plowed! I had to push the snow away from the front door with the front door just to get out because my son called back . . . He was coming to get me to I could see the 600 plus vacation pictures! And I swear they wore their sad post Paradise Vacation frowns rest of the winter . . . and every chance they got, we’d be watching those vacation pictures again . . . and again. . . . and again! Looking forward to your pictures and the story of your vacation!

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