First Snow

A hurricane last week and snow this week…NYC is having it’s share of weather mania!  Above is the view from our living room window yesterday afternoon…I still can’t believe there is snow on the ground!

Rondo went for his first walk in the snow yesterday and, well, he wasn’t crazy about it…

He cracks me up in his hoodie.  Here are some other pictures of the snow in Brooklyn…

At least the snow makes me feel better about listening to Christmas music already!



The past week has been difficult in the city.  With the horrible devastation from the hurricane, lack of power, transportation, and flooding it has been a different kind of week for sure.  Jay and I were so fortunate throughout the storm, with our only real issue being able to get to work (2 1/2 hour bus ride when it’s normally 20 minutes).  I can’t stop thinking about all the families and hope that we can help somehow.  Here are some pictures of our neighborhood and us at home from the days that followed…

(the NYC skyline with power out from our rooftop)

(working from home, rondo watching his first celtics game, crazy bus lines)

(rondo begging for my food, our park totally flooded, homemade ziti)

(comfy boy napping through the wind)

Before the hurricane was Halloween which was a great time!  We got all dressed up and went to our friends party.  Here are some pics from the night (Jay was Abu Nazir from Homeland and I was Khaleesi from Game of Thrones)…

This weekend after the storm and Halloween, I went to North Carolina to spend the weekend at ECU with my best friends!  We went to a football game, saw all our old haunts, ate a crazy amount of Bojangles, and were really excited to all be back together.  Here are some pics from the weekend…

(beautiful campus, beautiful friends)

(football time…and we actually won!)

Unfortunately now it’s back to reality…but I’m still so thankful for how lucky we were during the storm and hope the recovery is swift.

xo – j