Wreath DIY

A little bit ago I decided to make a wreath for my parents and one for Jay’s sister.  I figured I would share how since they were so simple, came out wonderful, and made a great homemade gift!

Above is the one I made for Julie with a simple wire wreath and yarn.  I tightly wove the red yarn around the entire frame and pinned on some ornaments and look how pretty! The other one for my Mom took a bit more patience…

What you need:

Ornaments in varied sizes (at least 50, I got 100 at the dollar store for $10!)
Wire ornament hangers
Wire wreath

Simply hook 2, 3, or 4 (vary this) ornaments on a hook fastening the first one so the others don’t fall off.

Now wrap the ornament wire around the frame.  I started at the bottom and worked my way to the top since they will slide down.

Once you have worked your way around, there will be some empty spots.  Take smaller ornaments and pin them in the holes to make the wreath look full…Below is the final wreath!

I added a little holly sprig on the side!

There are some great tutorials on how to make the ornament wreath online as well.  I love it and am so happy that my parents will have it for years to come :).





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