Lunch at the library

Anyone who knows me, knows that I can’t make it more than 2 hours without eating.  I might not always eat a lot, but I am constantly munching.  Right now the New York Public Library has a special exhibit on New Yorkers and Lunch!  My friend Erin (my best lunch partner) and I went to the exhibit the other day.  Here are some pictures and facts we learned from the visit…

In the 20’s lunch only cost 10 cents, that included a full meal, drink, and snack!

Wonder bread was the first sliced bread for sandwiches and made in NYC in 1921!  Before hand tradition was women and children would have thin slices and men larger crustier ones.   Wonder bread was the first time that everyone had the same serving size.



There was a Charles Dickens exhibit too…


A great way to enjoy our lunch break, in more ways than one!

In other news, the Rockefeller Christmas tree is up and ready to be decorated and lit…yay!  This tree also came from the town where my Dad works, so it’s kind of big news around home.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!  We have a “friendsgiving” on Sunday which should be a lot of fun.  Any great recipe ideas for me?

xo – j


10 thoughts on “Lunch at the library

    • Justine

      Yup! The one on 42nd and 5th right by Bryant Park. It’s really fun. There is a slideshow on a bunch of tv’s rotating out amazing pictures of food…so don’t go hungry!

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