Hectic work week for sure.  By the time we got home from work all we wanted to do was zone out.  Luckily all our favorite shows have come back so we can do just that and be entertained!  I don’t know how anyone in the world could not love Pam Beesly…anyways…

Puppy daycare continues to be the greatest.  Especially when our weeks are so wild at work, it’s nice to come home to a calm puppy who wants love instead of a wild man who wants to play with every. single. toy. he. has.

Yesterday my friend and I went to go see the Showtime activation at Grand Central. You could be made up to look like you were Dexter’s victim, including getting your picture taken wrapped up in plastic wrap with cuts.  It was a fantastic display, really great marketing.  They also had a fan art contest…

Otherwise not too much has been going on here in this wild city.  I made orange chicken (Trader Joe’s…I worship you), and tried to use the sock bun to curl my hair overnight.

Busy work = boring nights!  Tonight we have an engagement party at Brooklyn Brewery which should be a lot of fun and distract us from this yucky weather! Then a weekend of relaxing together in {hopefully} some sunshine.  Rainy days make me wish life was always this…

Have a wonderful weekend!



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