J & J

Here are some of my favorite shots of Jay and I from our wedding day.  Our photographer was seriously awesome, I would recommend her to anyone and can’t stop raving about how beautiful these photos came out.

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I can’t say it enough, thank you to everyone who made our day so wonderful.  We love you all so much!

xo – j


The first of many Wedding Photo posts

I can’t believe it has been over 3 weeks since the big day.  We truly had the most perfect time with all our friends and family.  Thank you all so much for everything you did for both of us.  We had so much support from everyone we have ever loved, and were so excited (and flattered) to see everyone that traveled to be there.

We have thousands of photos to go through but I wanted to pick out some detail shots to share today.  Everyone says that your wedding day is going to go by fast, and honestly, it went by even faster than we were warned.  I wish we could do it over and over again.     I did a lot of DIY for the wedding and since as the bride I was running around kissing and hugging and talking and dancing,  I missed seeing a lot of the things I had made all set up. The best part is we get to see photos now of everything we missed!

Again, thank you to all our friends and family.  We love you all so so much and we are thrilled to finally be Mr. & Mrs.

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And for good measure here is one of us…


I apologize in advance for all of the future wedding posts to come!  There are just too many beautiful photos not to share!

xo – J (& Jay too)

Door Test

Well, it’s been a couple weeks and I’m still obsessing over the idea of making a “vintage” door for our wedding.  I decided this weekend, before going out an buying a door, paint, and spending money I don’t have, I should do a test run to make sure it is even going to work out.  I thought I would share what I did because you can basically do this to any furniture, shelf, door, etc.


Some side notes to this project: 1. make sure you are well ventilated.  2. don’t clean your brushes in really hot water because you will breathe in the chemical steam 3. once you have breathed in the chemical steam make sure to freak out and call family members and poison control…ha seriously, I’m a mess!


Brushes – I got some 99c ones
Paint – I used acrylic since it was a small project. You need white and whatever color you like
Wood Stain or brown paint
Tea Candle

Optional: helper


1. Sand your surface.  I used both medium and fine paper.


2. Paint the white, allow to dry, and then paint the brown, or use stain.


3.  Make sure you have allowed both layers to dry, then give it a bit of a wipe, here is what mine looked like after paint and stain:


4. Take the tea candle and rub the wax off on any surface you are going to want to look old and come through the color.  I did this on the edges, by the clasp, and throughout the box in different places.


5.  Wipe off excess wax bits lightly with a clean brush, and then paint your color.


6.  You want to then take either a small butter knife or sandpaper and rub off where the wax was, this will make the white/brown come through.  I ended up sanding this a bit too while it was still drying which came out nice.

7. Enjoy!  All done!


I’m really glad I tested this out on a smaller project.  When I do this next I will use a full brown paint instead of just the stain over white, and I will wax in a lot more places so I don’t have to sand as much after the color layer.  I do think it came out great though.  I’ll use it for Christmas cards!


Wedding Obsessions

This week I have become obsessed with the idea of making a “vintage” door for our wedding…I can’t stop watching tutorials in my spare time.  I love to have a project (can’t stand wasted time sitting around) and this is definitely my next.  Overall, wedding planning has been a blast.  I’m in love with our venue, our florist, and how everything is coming together.  I wanted to share some pictures that have been inspiring me lately for the big day !


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vintage-wedding-decorations billy-ball-succulent-bouquet-studio-stems-utah-wedding-flowers

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(i already have and LOVE my dress…but this one is so striking)

Anyways, thought I would share some of my favorites.  Crossing my fingers I can make them happen!   Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!