United Nations

With all the hustle and bustle over the visitors to the UN (Obama, Agmadinejad), and road closures due to it, midtown has been a little crazy the past couple days.  My friend Erin and I decided to walk over to the UN at lunch and watch the important people walk by!  We ended up finding a raised park that overlooked the UN and stayed there enjoying the view instead of our normal lunch stroll…

And like the grownups we are, watching the important officials walk by…we had ring pops…

This is why we work for magazines and not the State Department.

Yesterday was also Rondo’s first day at puppy day care.  It may be the best thing that has happened to Jay and I in months.  We got home last night, he ate dinner, waited for Jay at the door, and then he was OUT for the rest of the night.  Yes!!

This morning though, he was back to his hyper self.  I got out of the shower to this scene…lovely boy.

At least he is using those long legs for something!