A little sunshine

It is finally warm in NYC, and everyone is out and about.  Nothing feels better than being able to eat lunch in the sunshine!  Now all we need is full on summer to come so I can get these legs tan…

(lunch date with erin on the trump tower deck)

IMG_6878 IMG_6887 IMG_6877
(ya see what i’m sayin?!)


Welcome back sunshine…we have missed you!


Surprise Face!

The past couple days have been busy with work for both Jay and I.  This means delivery dinner and early to bed.  At least someone has been enjoying this beautiful fall sunshine while we are working…

I have managed to get Rondo to the dog park every night, which is actually, completely, selfish.  Taking that hour after work for him to run around means no playing fetch in the hallway for hours when we want to watch SOA.  Definitely worth it.  Here is a great building we pass buy on our walk to the park…

Here it is…the (best) surprise face from Reggie’s surprise party this weekend.  This is right when he walked in the door…terrified and so fantastic!

One last thing… NY Mag has a great article about South Williamsburg and all of the amazing new restaurants, bars, and real estate being built.  I love my neighborhood!  Check out the article here.