Last night we went to see Frightened Rabbit at Terminal 5.  T5 may be the worst venue ever (or maybe I’m just too short), but the show was fantastic!  Also, we got to go with my brother and his gf and some friends which was so fun.  Loved having them in the city for the night!


IMG_6858 IMG_6854 IMG_6856
(crazy crowd below & torturing jay with biscuits before the show)


IMG_6853 IMG_6852

Love them!

Now another weekend of mania.  Big plans ahead!




Can’t stop

Things I can’t stop obsessing over today…

How badly these hurt my feet…IMG_6731[1]

The fact that we found and tried all 3 flavors…They weren’t going to be sold in nyc but through some duane reade magic they were there yesterday.  Checked back today and they were gone 😦


Chvrches new song (and old one too)




We have had a wild week.  Between getting everything done at work, packed at home, Rondo dropped off (and sick last weekend), and I haven’t been feeling all that well, it has been really stressful…but tomorrow we are off to paradise for a week of nothing but sunshine and fun!

Here are some pics from the last week…

 IMG_5678 IMG_5684
(growing orchid and rondo stalking our sushi)

IMG_5676 IMG_5649
(jay nursing baby rondo back to health and my ridiculous work sign)

IMG_5693 IMG_5697
(making my packing list and pounding this delicious breakfast)

IMG_5719 IMG_5723
(lychee martini from republic and spicy coconut chicken soup…whoa)

(sweet babe asleep on the car ride to my parents’ yesterday)

Now one more night here and we are off in the morning.  Be prepared for an absurd amount of vacation pics when we get back in a week!

(m&d&n – thank you for taking care of our babe. i hope he isn’t any trouble.  and thanks for always loving me even when i’m a total, utter, complete nutcase)