Some pics of life lately…


IMG_6037 IMG_6039

(birthday dinner for nick)


IMG_5999 IMG_6047

(rondo & caesar are bffs / my brother killing it with acceptance letters)

IMG_6138 IMG_6136 IMG_6134

IMG_6133 IMG_6135 IMG_6132


(date with laur at roebling tea room)

IMG_6070 IMG_6129

(so happy to have our man back)



Rainy Day…

It’s a crummy day in New York.  It’s dark, pouring down rain, steamy, and the whole city is mourning the summer (doesn’t make for a pleasant commute let me tell you).  And when you are trying to leave for work and this little guy has decided to take a morning nap on you…it’s nearly impossible to leave.

This rainy day has me reflecting on the fantastic summer we just had… We moved into an apartment together, adopted about the best puppy in the world, traveled to weddings, parties, showers, visited friends and family all over, and even managed to enjoy our neighborhood a bit.  For all the times I can be grumpy or upset, looking back at these pictures from the summer makes me realize how fortunate I am to have my family, Jay, Rondo, and amazing friends.  Here’s to next summer being as great as summer 2012 and to pumpkin flavored everything starting now that it’s fall!  Below are a bunch of my favorites from this summer…